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I was a typesetter from the late 1970s until the early 1990s, working on mainframe computers (at the advent of desktop I moved to editorial). I was a formatter, which meant I marked up the ms for the data-input with my formats, programmed the computer with the formats I had written, massaged the raw data files, and paginated the book. Part of massaging raw data files was getting rid of any instances of two spaces, which manuscripts almost invariably had. However, the computer recognized a period (or other end-of-sentence) as an instance where additional space would FIRST be added in justification. How much extra space relative to how much space had to be justified on a line was controlled by the type compositor (typesetting house). The extra space automatically added after any end-of-sentence punctuation was specified as a minimum number of points or units (small divisions of space, divisions of a “pica”) and a maximum percentage of the space left to be justified. If the machine could not meet our specifications and justify the line automatically, an error msg was generated and I would solve the problem by hand. How much extra space was a matter of taste– it was generally agreed that older books often had way too much extra space, but exactly the correct proportion was a matter of great interest and debate. Accordingly, everyone I ever worked with in the publishing establishment added extra space at the end of sentences. In Figure 9, if the original were measured with the correct instrument, you may find that the spaces after the final punctuation marks are slightly bigger than the standard wordspace; but if not, there was a great deal of experimentation in the quest to find the golden ratio, and fine typography was always in competition with lesser quality.

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The argument for the single-space sounds compelling. The claimed transition from typewriter text to digital typography creates an “easy out” for those who were taught to double-space in the days before computers. But though the supposed history is logical, book designers and printers were using proportional typefaces and wide spaces long before the typewriter entered the scene.

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My 3rd grade teacher told me that punctuation symbols are the road signs in the language we use. A period means stop; etc., But to be held to only a few symbols and spaces constrains the writer in expressing his meaning. Expressive punctuation is the jam on the bread of the writer. Without a more expressive form of communication, we would be eating the same old PB&J forever.

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Also though, I would say that generally modern typesetting engines work around the single/double and set it so that the double always looks off — manually creating doubles in LaTeX for example leads to an unnaturally long space which looks off, even if it may have been usable in the past, although this will be related to them automatically ignoring double spaces. NBSP seems to be one of the few features to allow use of double spacing in most programs anyways these days.

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My last point there is definitely supported by what I was taught: namely, no one should begin a new line of thought in a new sentence anyways. If it is so very different, then it needs to be in a new paragraph, and if it is not that different then it will probably constitute a logical follow-on from the previous point being established. I feel that if the writer needs to emphasise the space between sentences to make themselves understood since the direction of the paragraph is changing this much, then they are probably misunderstanding what paragraphs are for.

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It was taught in school, but the convention was quickly abandoned by most of us who are also familiar with standard typesetting especially in books. I learned it and never used it because it made me look like I was still writing a paper for my teacher instead of a professional product.

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Much of the article debunks the myth that two spaces has anything to do with typewriter keyboards. Typists were imitating the standard of the day—the emspace—and this standard changed about 1961.