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World war one propaganda analysis essay

The British produced several propaganda postage stamps defaming Himmler. Four parodies were created in an attempt to embarrass the or cause him problems with the nazi leadership. Above; we show two of the more interesting parodies and one genuine German postage stamp that was used as the basis of the first fake. The Psychological Warfare Executive produced the "Hitler Putsch" parody based on a genuine 1944 red Hitler Putsch stamp that depicted an eagle fighting a three-headed snake with the text, "Commemorate 9 November 1923." The parody was redesigned by the British to depict Himmler and a manacled civilian male who represents Germany in the chains of Fascism. Himmler is sneaking up behind the handcuffed man and about to shackle his feet. The text has been changed to "Commemorate 30 January 1933," the date that Adolf Hitler became Chancellor.

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This Office of Strategic Services "black" propaganda leaflet was produced by the Americans in Berne, Switzerland. The origin is indicated by a block "310" on the text side which is the way that leaflets were archived and stored by the OSS in Berne. On the picture side the leaflet depicts Himmler as a butcher with a bloody apron and meat cleaver. In the background a wounded and tattered Nazi says "Heil Himmler." The title of the leaflet is, "The war continues!" The text asks, "What then?" It lists anti-war tactics that the average German can use and mentions three types of sabotage. It ends "Those are your weapons! So that the war can be shortened."

The USSR printed a heavily-illustrated propaganda newspaper for the German Wehrmacht entitled Front-Illustrierte für den Deutschen Soldaten (Front-Illustrated for the German Soldier) from 1941 to 1945. In general, the newspaper attacked Nazi leaders and depicted scenes of frozen German dead and happy prisoners-of-war. Twelve issues were published in 1941 starting in July, thirty-two issues in 1942, Twenty-nine issues in 1943, nineteen issues in 1944, and five issues in 1945 ending with the April issue.

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British researcher Dr. Rod Oakland discovered one of these postcards in a private collection and mentioned it in the spring 1993 journal of the Psywar Society,

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When I interviewed the British master-forger Ellic Howe in 1980 he told me that about 100 copies of the postcard were printed in late 1943 or early 1944 but they were never disseminated. He thought that they had all been destroyed. My own research later determined that 2,500 postcards were delivered on 13 March 1944. The operation was cancelled on the order of the Director General of the PWE. One agent quoted a high British official as saying that he would rather lose the war to than take part in such psychological warfare pornographic endeavors.

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Although this article discusses the Allied vilification of Axis leaders, I would be remiss if I did not mention that the Axis also attacked the Allied leaders. The Germans regularly attacked British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and called him "that old Jew." One of their most famous propaganda leaflets shows "Winnie" holding a Thompson submachine gun. The picture was a genuine photograph taken to boost the morale of the British people in the early years of the war. It visually assured them that their nation was building and importing modern weaponry to fight the Axis. The Germans reproduced the photograph and used in on propaganda leaflets and posters to personally attack Churchill as a criminal and thug who was acting outside the laws of warfare.

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One of the most intriguing and insidious insults to Adolf Hitler was a propaganda postcard code numbered H.789 produced by Director Sefton Delmer of the British Political Warfare Executive (PWE) that showed the Führer with his penis in his hand. The postcard chosen to caricature was originally a product of Foto Hoffman of . Hitler stands on what appears to be balcony with his left hand on the rail and his right hand on his waist. In the parody, his right hand is depicted holding a circumcised penis. This probably was designed to feed the rumor that Hitler was indeed a self-hating Jew. The text is a quote from Hitler’s speech of 8 November 1942: