All that is left to do now is activate your child theme.

Okay, if you're new to WordPress, more than likely all of the themes you are looking at using ar...

It can be applied to any theme.

However, if you are editing CSS that is in the parent theme’s CSS file, it is best practice to copy and paste the relevant code block from the original file into the child theme file, then edit it accordingly.

If you want to use the child theme, activate the child.

Do we need to copy and paste all the parent them css into the child theme css, or do we just add changes into the childtheme css from that point forward?

The concept itself is a big help for me. I’ve been a theme developer for over 2 years. Never thought of “child theme”. This saves me lots of time.

Do I copy and paste the files from the parent theme?

To be honet I don’t know the answer to your question. I think that most people creating child themes would not resort to using the theme customizer — they would code the changes with CSS (so as to have more control).

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I guess I’m just not clear on the point of creating the child theme if it’s pulling from the parent theme but then adding new code into the child theme. Maybe I’m not clear on how the two interface.

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Thanks so much for this post Tom. To build upon and marlita’s question. While I know I/we don’t need to bring over any of the parent theme’s CSS, I’m wondering which theme is being changed when I go into my child theme and use some of the customization available within the dashboard such as Title, Colors, etc.

Sounds like you’re missing the import funciton in your child theme..

Sorry, dumb question, but I cannot figure out where to put that import line of code. Does it belong in the same file as the other 8 lines of text? If so, where does it go? I tried putting it above the theme name, below the version, and after the template line. In every case, the formatting didn’t carry over when I activated the child theme.

public_html/wp-content/themes/widezine package/widezine

Great tutorial. This article is #2 on Google for “make a child theme.” I won’t ever have to learn how to make a child theme because I can always just come back to this article :).

I still get the parent theme missing message in WP.

I tried this (using the zenon-lite theme) and it caused every page on my site to display a functions error. It happened right after I activated the child theme. I tried to get access back by deleting the child theme file but couldn’t. So I had to remove wordpress from my host just to get my site back up. Very frustrating.

How to Create a Child Theme in WordPress - ManageWP

That all sounds very odd. Did you import the parent theme’s stylesheet(s) into the child theme’s stylesheet as per the instructions? If you followed the instructions to the letter there should be no problems.