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John Wesley-Doctrine of Justification - Lives Transforming

Maddox is William Kellon Quick Professor of Church History and Wesley Studies at The Divinity School, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina; and Associate General Editor of the Bicentennial Edition of the Works of John Wesley. He is a recognized authority on both John Wesley's theology and the theological developments in later Methodism.

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It is politically motivated slan der masquerading as disinterested scholarship. Bemused spectators to this dispute can ask themselves whether it is plausible in the first place that seven scholars—disparate in education, age, temperament and intellectual outlook, but united by their willingness to challenge the State Department's version of how the cold war started, should all be guilty of the same objective sin of grossly misusing the historical sources. Only a man who believed that no legiti mate critique of State Department history was possible could make such an assumption. Yet that is the cen tral claim of Maddox's book. In order to prove the claim he must show that systematic fraud has been com mitted over 4,000 pages, involving, at a rough guess, 15,000 footnotes and citations by the accused authors.

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Mr. Loewenheim is not interested in assessing the accuracy of Mad dox's charges against me but only in sustaining the ideological implication of his conclusions. His accuracy is no better than Maddox's, for I was never a Williams student and I have never met him. As for Maddox, his intemperate polemic consists of at tacks on statements I never made, of the distortion of documents he accuses me of manipulating, of con trived juxtapositions, and mainly ad hominem asides. I have prepared a detailed rebuttal of every one of his 12 random charges against what is possibly one per cent of the contents of my fourth book, which I will send to anyone who wishes a copy. He neither summarizes refutes main theses of my book. The only reason he warrants any response at all is because George Kennan, Eugene V. Rostow, Arthur Schlesinger Jr., Oscar Handlin, Francis Loewenheim and other such devotees of conven tional and conservative wisdom have endorsed Maddox as the savior of a historical interpretation that sus tained their politics until the Vietnam war put them on the defensive.

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