In a eukaryotic cell, protein synthesis occurs in the - 545690

Protein Synthesis: Proteins are and protein synthesis also occurs in through nucleopores.

How does the nucleus control protein synthesis in cytoplasm

The process by which genetic information is transferred from the .There is no task more important to the function of living cells than the synthesis of proteins.

Protein Synthesis; Cell Growth and Division;

Scientists are studying many aspects of the ER and Golgi apparatus, including a built-in quality control mechanism cells use to ensure that proteins are properly made before leaving the ER (Source: ).

Some mutations introduce brand new genes into a strand of DNA. Some mutations remove an entire gene in a strand of DNA. Some only affect a few of the amino acids that used in protein synthesis. Others affect many. And some mutation affect the non-coding regions of DNA, resulting in no effects in the proteins produced by the cell.