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It should now become clear that the presence of a disc and crescent or ibexes does not warrant drawing hasty conclusions that such an object only denotes a masculine Moon-god.

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Presto, you're done. You can't forward broadcast or IPv6 traffic throughan IP-in-IP tunnel, though. You just connect 2 IPv4 networks that normally wouldn't be able to talk to each other, that's all. As far as compatibility goes, this code has been around a long time, so it's compatible all the way back to 1.3 kernels. Linux IP-in-IP tunneling doesn't work with other Operating Systems or routers, as far as I know. It's simple, it works. Use it if you have to, otherwise use GRE.

Let's discuss this for a bit. In line 1, we added a tunnel device, andcalled it netb (which is kind of obvious because that's where we want it togo). Furthermore we told it to use the GRE protocol (mode gre), that theremote address is (the router at the other end), that ourtunneling packets should originate from (which allows yourrouter to have several IP addresses on network C and let you decide whichone to use for tunneling) and that the TTL field of the packet should be setto 255 (ttl 255).

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A few things must be mentioned however. The configuration above is shown in a lot of IPSEC examples and it is very dangerous. The problem is that the above contains policy on how should treat packets going to, and that it explains how should treat those packets but it does NOT instruct to discard unauthenticated or unencrypted traffic!


As for the claim Ilmaqah allegedly being a Moon-god, it does not appear in the scholarly literature until the beginning of 20th century. Let us briefly discuss the nature of the Semitic religion as hypothesized by Ditlef Nielsen around 100 years ago, whose triadic hypothesis of Father-Moon, Mother-Sun and Son-Venus, although rejected by modern scholarship, still holds popular appeal.

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Once you have all that sorted out, and your new Linux kernel compiled, youwill see that the IP protocols listed, at boot time, now include IGMP. Thisis a protocol for managing multicast groups. At the time of writing, Linuxsupports IGMP versions 1 and 2 only, although version 3 does exist and hasbeen documented. This doesn't really affect us that much, as IGMPv3 is stillnew enough that the extra capabilities of IGMPv3 aren't going to be thatmuch use. Because IGMP deals with groups, only the features present in thesimplest version of IGMP over the entire group are going to be used. For themost part, that will be IGMPv2, although IGMPv1 is sill going to beencountered.

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The line above slows down sending to a rate that does not lead to a queue inthe modem - the queue will be in Linux, where we can control it to a limitedsize.

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This leads to very fair behaviour and disallows any single conversation fromdrowning out the rest. SFQ is called 'Stochastic' because it doesn't reallyallocate a queue for each session, it has an algorithm which divides trafficover a limited number of queues using a hashing algorithm.