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Despite what is now becoming a legal landscape conducive to the success of companies in the waste management and recycling sector, challenges brought about by Indonesia’s informal sector continue to dampen the potential of this industry. Business reliant upon the growing supply of waste products must contend with the prevalence of scavengers who depend on collecting, sorting and selling waste for their income. Efforts to educate consumers about the advantages of commercial scale waste management and recycling are often met with opposition from communities unwilling to jeopardize the livelihood of scavengers.

The reflecting .Scope and Delimitations | Thesis Notes It is important to narrow down your thesis topic and limit the scope of your study.

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The user cannot meaningfully interpret thisstring of apparently random information,so the software (and thus,the software engineer) is more orless forced to maintain a database that describes what themessage digest represents.

SCOPE, LIMITATIONS, and DELIMITATIONS Scope The scope of the study refers to the parameters A limitation associated with qualitative study is related.

Delimitations In A Master Thesis Scope and Delimitations | Thesis Notes17 thoughts on “ Scope and Delimitations ” bayen says: Writing Thesis Significance.

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Rather than being outside scope, their discussionhere is simply a reflection of the claims that the total security of the system is a holisticissue, and governance is the layer where we solvethe security challenges that remain after we haveattempted to solve as many as possible in the lowerlayers.

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The best option to understand what Knowledge Representation is simply to mention what it is intended for. Its mission is to make knowledge as explicit as possible. This is necessary because knowledge is stored in implicit form, i.e. tacit knowledge non-observable from the outside, inside minds and spread around in community social habits. To facilitate knowledge sharing it is necessary to make it explicit.

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The designof a system is often ultimately expressed in acompromise between Governance and the lower layers:what we can do in the lower layers, we do; and what wecannot is cleaned up in Governance .

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Tacit knowledge is what an agent obtains when it observes its environment and makes internal representations of what it perceives. Here "agent" stands for an entity capable of election. Agent choices are built from its internal representation, its model of the world. The model captures what there is and how it works, thus allowing the agent to predict what would happen if it does something or not, a complete view on that from a Systems Theory perspective [] is shown in .

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To overcome these limitations, some agents have developed ways to make knowledge explicit and encode it in more perdurable form. Human languages are an example of this. They have written forms as perdurable encoding, always with some kind of physical support. Moreover, technology advances have also allowed perdurable encoding of languages oral form.