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It is worth noting that as a result of the high-energy reactions that take place when making MW, free radicals, atomic oxygen, peracids, ozone and nitrogen containing compounds are formed (Bogatin et al., 1999 and Colic and Morse, 1999). Regardless, MW treatment is considered to be a green technology with a strong power of transmission. Magnetic treatment technologies can reduce energy consumption, chemical resources, and water usages leading to cost savings and environmental improvements. Devices for creating MW is generally compact, with permanent magnets that are clean and safe technology (Otsuka and Ozeki, 2006). Water productivity can increase with the use of MW water, due to improved infiltration. With greater crop yields when MW is used for irrigation, less total water is used per unit of yield. In arid regions with limited water, MW may become popularized for irrigation water for certain crops and livestock.

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Hard lime and scale forms where ever tap water evaporates or is heated. While it may not be noticeable for a long time, there are commercial appliances that show a white deposit after only a few days of use. Steam cleaners, for instance, may become inoperable after two weeks due to heavy scale deposits. They have to be washed often with acid in order to avoid filter clogs. Also, dishwashers in restaurants need to be freed from the white scale deposits regularly. In the average residential home, it may take a couple of years until a layer of hard scale reduces the cross section of water pipes significantly. And in swimming pools a rough band of sediment often develops along the waterline, which may require mechanical grinding to be removed.
In many cases where the water has a high iron content, the scale deposits develop brownish tint. They may even acquire a deep brown color, as is often evident in toilet tanks. In dairy operations, fatty substances often mix with the sediment and create “butter stone.” In regards to cooling towers, circulating water may mix with algaecides, and the ensuing deposits may be toxic. These examples indicate that lime scale may contain more then calcium carbonate. Other minerals dissolved in the water solidify, as well, and can produce unsightly or even dangerous substances.

Water becomes degassed in the process of being magnetized and this degassing increases soil permeability, which creates an increase in irrigation efficiency (Bogatin et al., 1999). In addition to soil permeability, MW water interacts with the structural calcium in cell membranes, making the cells more permeable (Goldsworthy et al., 1999). The reduced surface tension observed in MW results in better infiltration of water and a reduction in water and chemical use. At the Indianapolis 500 Brickyard Crossing Golf Course a MTD has been installed to treat irrigation water. An improvement in the infiltration distribution of water has all but eliminated wet and dry area, reducing 80 hours of weekly hand watering to less than 10 hours a week (Ritchie & Lehnen, 2001). The improvement in uniformity distribution of irrigation water has saved money in labor, hand watering and roping off wet areas, and golf cart damage.