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The Walkability Checklist provides a list of recommended strategies that institutional projects ..

and development of thesis or final design projects

Ina survey of business owners in an urban retail district, Drennen (2003) foundthat 65% consider a local Traffic Calming program to provide overall economicbenefits, compared with 4% that consider it overall negative, and 65% supportfurther traffic calming projects in their area.

University of Washington Department of Urban Design and Planning | 410 Gould Hall | Box 355740 | Seattle, WA 98195

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Louie Leiva is a first-year student in the Master of Urban Planning program who recently moved to Seattle from his hometown of Los Angeles, CA. He is interested in community-based planning that uses art and advocacy as tools for social, cultural, and political empowerment.

Nicholas de Monchaux, . Urban History and Theory, Drawing and Representation, Urban Information, Design and Resilience.

The programme attracts a diverse body of local and international students. Many have prior professional experiences in architecture, landscape architecture and urban planning. Graduates pursue a career as design professionals with access to the world’s most dynamic markets.

Being an architect and having an interest in urban design I was looking for architectural schools in the UK.

Master of Urban Design | HKU Faculty of Architecture

Linda L. Jewell, . Urban design, landscape architecture, environmental planning, landscapes and structures, on-site design decisions, site planning, sustainable construction.

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When I graduate I hope to find a job within the field of Urban Design where I can also put my previous Planning knowledge to practice. The University of Sheffield is well respected both nationally and internationally with employers so I hope I can use this to my advantage.

IBES | Institute at Brown for Environment and Society

Elizabeth A. Deakin, . Urban design, city and regional planning, transportation policy, planning and analysis, land use policy and planning; legal and regulatory issues, institutions and organizations, energy and the environment, new technologies.

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My first studio included just the Urban Design cohort and looked to teach methodologies of Urban Design using an area of Sheffield’s city centre as a testing ground. It got us out and about in the city and even for someone who has been here a while, it provided a refreshing view of how you can analyse a city.

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I picked Sheffield because I did my previous Urban Planning undergraduate and masters courses here at the University. I originally chose Sheffield due to its reputation as one of the best places to study Planning in the UK, so the move from there to a top architecture school across the road was natural to me.

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This page provides a searchable database of culminating projects (theses, dissertations, practicums and projects) completed by students receiving graduate degrees from our department.