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typhmiurium TA100, TA102 and TA104 not reported negative3 Dillon et al, 1992 Unscheduled DNA synthesis Adult human hepatocytes 10-100 mM negative Martelli et al., assay 1994 Chromosomal aberration test Chinese hamster embryonic diploid 0.0005-0.002% positive Furnus et al., 1990 cells Butyraldehyde Ames test S.

chromosomal aberration, embryo cells (-S9) (1987) sister chromatid exchange, unscheduled DNA synthesis Table 11.

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In rodent cells in vitro, it induced aneuploidy and unscheduled DNA synthesis but was not mutagenic and did not induce DNA strand breaks or sister chromatid exchanges.

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The ability of estradiol to induce morphological transformation, gene mutations, chromosomal aberrations, sister chromotid exchange, unscheduled DNA synthesis and other chromosomal changes was assessed in Syrian hamster embryo cells.

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Saturated aliphatic acyclic linear primary alcohols, aldehydes, and carboxylic acids generally exhibited consistent negative results in the Ames assay, the unscheduled DNA synthesis test, and the in vitro or in vivo mouse micronucleus test.

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In one study done by O.M. Duhan and colleagues (4), the anti-mutagenic activities of Panax Ginseng and of Rhodiola rosea were compared It appeared that the extracts of Rhodiola rosea had the higher capacity to counteract gene mutations induced by various mutagens (up to about 90% inhibition in some cases). Rhodiola rosea extracts reduce significantly the yield of cells with the chromosome aberrations in vivo and inhibit unscheduled DNA synthesis induced by N-nitroso-N-methylurea in vitro (5). It is emphasised that Rhodiola rosea extracts have rejuvenative properties due to their ability to raise the efficiency of the intracell DNA repair mechanisms.

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typhmiurium TA98, TA100, TA1538, 75 mg/plate negative1 Heck et al., 1989 TA1535 and TA1537 Heptanoic acid Mouse lymphoma assay Mouse lymphoma L5178Y TK +/- 900 µg/ml negative2 Heck et al., 1989 600 µg/ml positive3 Unscheduled DNA synthesis Rat hepatocytes 1000 nl/ml negative Heck et al., 1989 assay Ames test (plate incorporation S.

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The definition of genotoxicity, as discussed in a consensus report (IARC 1992), is broad, and includes both direct and indirect effects in DNA: (1) the induction of mutations (gene, chromosomal, genomial, recombinational) that at the molecular level are similar to events known to be involved in carcinogenesis, (2) indirect surrogate events associated with mutagenesis (e.g., unscheduled DNA synthesis (UDS) and sister chromatid exchange (SCE), or (3) DNA damage (e.g., the formation of adducts), which may eventually lead to mutations.