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In order to have a better understanding about the social issues in ubiquitous computing.

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This habilitation thesis (“Sammelhabilitation”) collects and summarises original research by the author, primarily in the area of security for spontaneous interaction. Spontaneous interaction is one of the key aspects of ubiquitous computing, and securing such spontaneous interactions between devices that typically communicate over wireless and therefore invisible channels requires human-verifiable authentication. Sub-topics discussed in this thesis include interaction methods, cryptographic protocols, and sensor data analysis. The thesis consists of two parts: Part I defines the focus of this specific research area, methodically reviews the current state of the field, puts the collected publications into perspective, and summarises the author’s contributions. Part II contains reproductions of the twelve publications collected in this thesis. Dedication To my wife Petra Annemarie Wagner-Mayrhofer. Writing this thesis would not have been possible without your continual support. Thank you. I also wish to extend my sincere gratitude to all my co-authors and colleagues, who have made research on this topic highly interesting, fruitful, and fun. i

(2008)Application collaboration in ubiquitous computing environments. MSc(R) thesis, University of Glasgow.

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Or the environment where the virtuality will became the reality?
report or paper), while we can benefit indirectly when we eventually get benefits due to There has been much research done for ubiquitous computing and it seems there is some accumulated experience today about it as compare.

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The current work aims to inform user-centered design of ubiquitous computing solutions for hospital workers and care situations that occur at the patient’s bedside.

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