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For her senior thesis, Sizing the X-ray Spectral Resolution Limits of the Regolith X-Ray Imaging Spectrometer (REXIS) Instrument at Asteroid 1999RQ36 (which contributed to the NASA New Horizon's Program Mission: OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Return Mission), Zsuzsa Megyery worked with advisor Sara Seager. Megyery defended her thesis earlier in the Spring.

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Kristin Berry's thesis was QX Pup: The Fascinating Core of the Rotten Egg Nebula. Berry studied QX Pup, a known Mira variable at the center of the (intriguingly named) Rotten Egg Nebula, using four years of photometric data in V and I, and two years of photometric data in R and B. Berry calculated a new period over 100 days shorter than the period determined in 1983 when this star was discovered. She also calculated magnitude drops in I, R, V, and B, and phase-shifts between the other three filters and I. Berry then used these results to speculate about the possibility of a light-echo off the Rotten Egg Nebula and the conditions on Earth-like planets around Mira variables. Berry's advisors were Professor of Planetary Science Rick Binzel and Lecturer Amanda Bosh. Berry grew up in Lee, MA and will be pursuing a Master's degree in Applied Physics at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ. While there, she is particularly looking forward to doing a lot of observational astronomy.

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Phoebe Henderson's thesis Rotationally Resolved Visible Spectroscopy of the Asteroid 1 Ceres concerned making To support or refute previous findings about absorption features in the range of interest, Henderson spent six long, cold nights collecting data. In order to determine the asteroid’s variability, Henderson divided the rotational period of Ceres into eight phases, determining average spectra for each phase. Her results revealed very smooth spectra with the exception of a weakly rotationally variable feature between 6200 and 6400 Angstroms. The feature varied over the surface of Ceres by 2.5% with a mean error of 1.6%. Henderson's advisor was Research Scientist . Originally from Oklahoma City, she is off to Brazil this summer to undertake geochronology research at the University of Brasilia.

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Special thanks as always to to EAPS undergraduates as well as undergraduates in other courses, BA in English from Swarthmore College, and an MA in Languages, Literature and Communication, with an emphasis on Communication Theory, from Columbia University.

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Trophoblast plugs (A) are composed of endovascular trophoblast cells. Depending on the stage of invasion and on the localization of sectioning the lumen of the spiral artery can be either completely filled with trophoblasts (1, 2) or (B) partly infiltrated (3, 4). In a plugged artery, the approaching erythrocytes are stowed by the trophoblast plug (1). Uterine glands are invaded and opened towards the intervillous space () by endoglandular trophoblasts. Glandular epithelial cells are replaced by endoglandular trophoblasts (5)

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Gregor Weiss, Monika Sundl, Andreas Glasner, Berthold Huppertz, Gerit Moser The trophoblast plug during early pregnancy: a deeper insight. Histochem. Cell Biol.: 2016;

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