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Thirteen patients (sixteen knees) died at a mean of seven years after the index arthroplasty.

Not all patients are candidates for partial knee replacement

Diagnosis of thumb osteoarthritis is based, in part, on the patient's medical history. Past hand injuries, especially to the thumb itself, may indicate why osteoarthritis developed in the thumb joint.

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Bad sprains or fracture of the thumb can damage articular cartilage, which is the cartilage that covers ends of bones in a joint. Injury to the CMC joint of the thumb, even if cartilage damage is not immediate, can affect the movement of the thumb joint. If the joint becomes misaligned following injury, wear and tear on that joint increases, eventually leading to osteoarthritis.

Pain is the primary symptom associated with thumb osteoarthritis. Initially, pain is present with movement or activity (e.g., turning a key, opening a door, lifting a cup). As osteoarthritis progresses, pain is present even during inactivity or rest. Other symptoms of thumb arthritis include:

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Osteoarthritis of the thumb is more common in women than men. Usually, osteoarthritis of the thumb develops after 40 years of age. As the population ages, this is seen more often.

Thumb Osteoarthritis Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

The five and ten-year rates of survival were 94% and 90%, respectively, with revision to tricompartmental knee arthroplasty as the end point and 93% and 86%, respectively, with revision or radiographic loosening as the end point.

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Conclusions: The Miller-Galante medial unicompartmental knee arthroplasty provided excellent pain relief and restoration of function in carefully selected patients and demonstrated durable implant survival at ten years.