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The sign of the correlation coefficient indicates the direction of the association.

In statistics, the value of the correlation ...

Even though cattle producers say there is no direct correlation between premature puberty and the beef we consume, individuals are finding high levels of synthetic estrogen in the edible beef.

If we were reporting data for our example, we might write a sentence like this.

Similarly, there was no correlation betweenvein thickness and depth.

The attempted correlation, and causation statements made were including sleep with weight change, church goers and obesity, and having kids and being unhealthy.

Increases in water consumption were correlated with increases in rating of skin elasticity.”

Research has shown that homework can be linked to better grades, improved standardized test scores, and more prepared students entering the post-secondary arena; however, this correlation is weak and the opposition has equal ammunition to support that there is no correlation between homework and academic success.

Not surprisingly, the sample correlation coefficient indicates a strong positive correlation.

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Correlation indicates the possibility of a cause-effect relationship but it does not necessarily prove causation On a basic level, all of these articles demonstrated that fundamentally if Subject 1 (S1) is bringing about Subject 2 (S2) to happen, or what is the same, that S2 is an outcome of S1....

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In this report you can find summary of the data, descriptive statistics, correlation and regression analysis, which shows that poverty has a small negative relationship with employment rate and negative relationship with education.

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I would choose this method because I believe this would be an abundant amount of knowledge that could properly disclose a correlation, weather positive or negative, between alcohol and violence, and present a strong or weak number that predicts the correlation thus making this research method the most via...

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However, a pair of points that are separated by a distance are independent,but also correlated through a certain spatial structure known as the variogram.

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Martin et al (2003) found affiliative and self-enhancing humour to be positively correlated with cheerfulness, self-esteem, optimism, psychological well-being, and satisfaction with social support, and negatively related to depression, anxiety, and bad mood....

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For example, past studies suggest that years of formal schooling completed is the most important correlate of good health; however, the relationship may be traced in part to reverse causality since a longer life expectancy increases the payoffs to investments in schooling and since healthier students may attend school for longer periods of time (Grossman, 2008).