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As instructors we strive to be prepared and current with respect to the content and conduct of our courses, and to plan the course and class sessions to achieve the course objectives effectively. We strive to answer questions honestly and completely, and to acknowledge when we do not have an answer. We strive to give all students equal opportunity to participate in class discussions and activities. We respect students’ views on issues of judgment, and we clearly distinguish between our personal opinions and our professional expertise. We are available during office hours or at arranged times to work with students individually to help them to master course material. We strive to develop and update exams and assignments so that they are meaningful tests of understanding and progress toward achieving course objectives. Finally, we give due and careful consideration to students’ answers and submissions when evaluating them and assigning grades.

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As researchers we strive to be honest, accurate, efficient, ethical, objective, and accountable in conducting and reporting our research efforts. Where applicable, we aim to publish in outlets accessible to other professionals in the field for the greatest possible dissemination of creative scholarly research.

I recognize the importance of personal integrity in all aspects of life and work. I commit myself to truthfulness, honor, and responsibility, by which I earn the respect of others. I support the development of good character, and commit myself to uphold the highest standards of academic integrity as an important aspect of personal integrity. My commitment obliges me to conduct myself according to the Marquette University Honor Code.

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Students who, after the close of registration, decide to withdraw from one or more, but not all courses in a particular term or summer session must notify the Graduate School office by obtaining a Request to Drop a Course(s) form online at the . Failure to officially withdraw from classes, according to established , as published by the Bursar's Office, will not relieve the student of responsibility to pay for any tuition/fees owed for such classes. In addition, the student’s financial aid may be adjusted as required by federal and state refund calculations and institutional policy based on the official withdrawal date, and the student’s withdrawal will be reported to the National Student Clearinghouse for purposes of canceling any loan deferments the student may be receiving at the time of withdrawal. It is extremely important that the student contact the Graduate School office as soon as the decision to withdraw is made. Changes will not be processed or be considered official until the appropriate forms, with all required signatures, are returned to the Graduate School office. Forms may be mailed, dropped off in person, or faxed to . Tuition refunds and W (Withdrawal) grades will be based on the date that the form is submitted to the Graduate School office, not on the date that the student last attended classes or signed the form.

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Marquette University offers graduation on a weekly basis during the summer months and on a monthly basis during the academic year. However, each college may develop a policy that will guide the implementation of this process for students in that college. This statement addresses the policy as implemented by the Graduate School.


Marquette University requires all newly admitted and readmitted undergraduate, graduate, and professional students to provide dates of certain immunizations and complete a TB Screening questionnaire for tuberculosis. Proof of immunization for Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR), Varicella (chicken pox), Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis and completion of a tuberculosis screening questionnaire is required and must be completed electronically via the Next Step Forms located in Checkmarq. The directions can be found on the Marquette University Medical Clinic (formerly Student Health Service) . Failure to complete the required immunization and TB screening questionnaire within 30 days of the start of the student’s first term or the readmitted term at Marquette will result in the placement of a registration “hold” on future registrations. The hold will be removed once the immunization and screening requirements have been met. Health Sciences, Nursing and Dental students may be required by their departments or colleges to receive additional immunizations. Contact your department or college for specific requirements.