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The situation between the speaker and the audience is persuasion, love or marriage.


Tobias 6:16-17 “Then the angel Raphael said to him[Tobias]: Hear me, and I will show thee who they are, over whom the devil canprevail. For they who in such manner receive matrimony, as to shut out Godfrom themselves, and from their mind, and to give themselves to their lust, asthe horse and mule, which have not understanding, over them the devil hathpower.”

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1 Timothy 2:11-15 “Let the woman learn in silence, withall subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to use authority overthe man: but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed; then Eve. And Adamwas not seduced; but the woman being seduced, was in the transgression. Yet sheshall be saved through childbearing; if she continue in faith, and love, andsanctification, with sobriety.”

Persuading poets have been writing poems on love, lust and nature since the beginning of time.

In truth, if one doesn’t have dogmatic teaching backing upone’s assertions, one shouldn’t say what God or allow to happen in the Great Apostasy, or that He would not allow afaithless, godless people that rejects Him, and that loves pleasure more thanthey love Him, to and their (Proverbs 1:31; Proverbs 14:14), just as they (2Timothy 3:1-5) and in fact as a recompense for their evilcrimes (Proverbs 1:25).

She has a love affair with John Proctor.Download thesis statement on Humbert's obsession with Lolita, lust vs.

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Again, a statement (Pope Pius XII’s Speechto midwives) cannot contradict an decree of theCatholic Church ( and the ). Yet, this is the most common and dishonest tactic used by theheretics, that is, that they always cling to the , presenting itas if it outweighs or precedes the . Only a faithlessheretic would even try to argue against the dogmas of the Churchwith speeches or texts that prove nothing. But this eviltactic is so common and persistent among the false traditionalist groups thatit’s almost impossible to get through to them. Only a condemned person wouldfail to understand this or refuse to see it when it can be proven that popes inthe past have taught heresies and been wrong in many instances. In truth, to make out to become is one of the mostperverse, evil and false arguments that we have heard so far in defense of thisheresy.

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This teaching of Pope Paul IV in above of course also answers the heretical statement which said that: “ According to the heretics’ logic in this objection,since John XXII was the Pope, if his heretical sermon would have been put insomething equivalent to the at his own time, we would have noright to contradict and rebel against his heretical teaching, and it wouldhave to be considered to “foster schism” to choose to rebel against his hereticalteaching, and – according to the heretics – we would have to believe inand submit to his heretical and condemned teaching. This is the inescapableand illogical conclusion that the heretics would have to come to if theyactually were consistent with their own teaching and followed it to its fullextent .

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Pope Pius XI, (# 59), Dec. 31, 1930:“Nor are those considered as acting against nature who, in the marriedstate, use their right in the proper manner, although on account of naturalreasons either of time or of certain defects, new life cannot be brought forth.For in matrimony as well as in the use of matrimonial rights there are also secondaryends, such as mutual aid, the cultivation of mutual love, and the quieting ofconcupiscence which husband and wife are not forbidden to consider, SO LONGAS THEY ARE SUBORDINATED TO THE PRIMARY END AND SO LONG AS THEINTRINSIC NATURE OF THE ACT IS PRESERVED.”