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“The article discusses the collaborative and proactive interventions and policies to stop bullying of students in middle schools in the U.S. as of January 2015. Based on data from the U.S. Department of Education and Justice, 37% of students claimed that they are victims of bullying. Also cited are the types of bullying, including physical, verbal and cyber bullying, as well as the relationship of bullying with serious mental health issues like suicide and homicide.”

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Cyberbullying Research Center at will provide a variety of articles and resources covering identification; prevention; effects of cyberbullying such as low self-esteem, humiliation, suicide; legislation; social networks; and statistics.

Research Paper May 22, 2013 Cyber Bullying audience the seriousness of cyber bullying.

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This scholarly journal article (over 30 pages) in the December 2010 issue of Federal Communications Law Journal offers A LOT of information on cyberbullying law and cyberbullying events/cases that helped bring attention to cyberbullying. This article can provide information on both sides of the criminalization argument. However, the last few pages emphasizes education over criminalization as prevention/punishment for cyberbullying. If you need to write a lot of pages for a paper, then this article can supply plenty of information and ideas to help you fill up the essay.

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This October 2009 scholarly research study examined four forms of school bullying behaviors among U.S. adolescents and their association with socio-demographic characteristics, parental support, and friends. This IS a scholarly research article, so there are plenty of statistics. Here is an excerpt from part of the conclusion: "Findings indicate high prevalence rates of having bullied others or having been bullied at school for at least once in the last 2 months: 20.8% physically, 53.6% verbally, 51.4% socially, or 13.6% electronically. After categorizing respondents into four categories (bullies, victims, bully-victims, and non-involved), we found that adolescents with higher parental support reported less involvement in all four forms of bullying while having more friends was associated with more bullying (bullies) and less victimization (victims or bullying-victims) in physical, verbal, and relational forms, but this was not the case for cyber bullying. Socio-demographic differences in bullying varied across the four different forms." This article can be found on line, for FREE, at .

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In this March 2009 journal article, Feinberg and Robey defines cyberbullying and the consequences of cyberbullying. Schools struggle with what to do about cyberbullying as this can "undermine school climate, interfere with victims' school functioning, and put some students at risk for serious mental health and safety problems." A number of suggestions are given on what schools can do to help teach students and prevent cyberbullying.

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