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42. The approach of the courts to separation agreements, as evidenced by the cases cited above, differed markedly from the approach to nuptial agreements that merely anticipated the possibility of separation or divorce and which were consequently considered to be void as contrary to public policy. Contrast the statement of Thorpe J in Smith v McInerney quoted above with what he said at about the same time in F v F (Ancillary Relief: Substantial Assets) [1995] 2 FLR 45. In the latter case a rich German husband relied on a marital property regime which confined the wife to the pension of a retired German judge in the event of their divorce (the wife was in the judicial civil service at the time of the marriage). Thorpe J accepted that such agreements were commonplace in the society from which the parties came, but he did "not attach any significant weight" to the ante-nuptial agreement, and said (at p 66):

Civil disobedience is when people refuse to obey the laws to try and force the government to do or change something (“Civil”)....

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Convinced that "civilization and the gospel go hand in hand," the government authorizes religious institutions to establish boarding schools to assimilate Native American children.

Toleration gives civil authorities the power to decide whether to allow specific groups freedom to worship.

Despite his stance of civil disobedience on the questions of slavery and the Mexican war, Thoreau claims to have great respect and admiration for the ideals of American government and its institutions. Thoreau goes so far as to state that his first instinct has always been conformity. Statesmen, legislators, politicians--in short, any part of the machinery of state bureaucracy--are unable to scrutinize the government that lends them their authority. Thoreau values their contributions to society, their pragmatism and their diplomacy, but feels that only someone outside of government can speak the Truth about it.

We have had points in our history where some very brave people stood up for their rights by partaking in an event known as civil disobedience.