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Some instructors prefer that you only write about the differences between two things, while others want you to focus on explaining the similarities as well. Either way, you'll need to make sure that your thesis statement reflects your instructor's expectations. For example, if I wanted to write about Social Networking sites, I'd need to write different thesis statements depending on my compare/contrast assignment.

Thesis Statements. Thesis statements are slightly different in form and method. A strong thesis statement is authoritative and forms the basis of the essay.

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219-234).] [NB: ]The heading of chapter 31is the basis of our quotation, more or less exactly.

[Gibbon's version is interesting for both its similarities and its differences. However we need not consider Gibbon further here, except as probably the first to circulate this text as a proof-text against Eusebius. Incidentally it would seem that if Gibbon's reference is accurate, that the16th century Stephanus edition was perhaps arranged differently to modern editions -- I need to check this. I have seen modern references which refer to XII, 32, rather than XII, 31, which makes itinteresting to consider what sort of checking of references was done in that case].

Thesis Statement For Similarities And Differences the goal is that they will: (1) increase our understanding of the basic biological processes affecting

Thesimilarities (or differences) between (subject # 1) and (subject # 2)are so marked (or prominent or fascinating) that they deserve to beexamined in more detail (or deserve deeper investigation or meritmore debates or call for enhanced study)

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Of the rest each one endured different forms of torture. [etc]I think we can see that v.2 is the bit that Gibbon has used. Butdoes it mean what Gibbon says? Or is Eusebius, faced with a hugeamount of material for contemporary events, simply honestly stating thatfrom here on he won't cover everything, but only those which are in someway useful to know about, whether positive, or negative but with a usefulmoral, and for the rest stick to general statements? It seems asif that the latter is more consistent with the context, although one couldmake out some sort of case that Gibbon is misrepresenting something thatis really there in Eusebius. But is the idea that Gibbon is makingin Eusebius' mind at all? Surely he's thinking about writing somethinguseful to his public?

The Martyrs of PalestineThis is an appendix to Book VIII of the HE, and is not a history buta martyrology - a book intended for devotional use. Here's the ANFtext:
1. I Think it best to pass by all the other events which occurredin the meantime: such as those which happened to the bishops of the churches,when instead of shepherds of the rational flocks of Christ, over whichthey presided in an unlawful manner, the divine judgment, considering themworthy of such a charge, made them keepers of camels, an irrational beastand very crooked in the structure of its body, or condemned them to havethe care of the imperial horses;-and I pass by also the insults and disgracesand tortures they endured from the imperial overseers and rulers on accountof the sacred vessels and treasures of the Church; and besides these thelust of power on the part of many, the disorderly and unlawful ordinations,and the schisms among the confessors themselves; also the novelties whichwere zealously devised against the remnants of the Church by the new andfactious members, who added innovation after innovation and forced themin unsparingly among the calamities of the persecution, heaping misfortuneupon misfortune.