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Publisher's description: Chinese archaeologists digging in central China in 1977 unexpectedly uncovered two of the earliest and most extensive groups of musical instruments in the entire ancient world, dating from nearly 2500 years ago. since these percussion, string, and wind instruments were in near-pristine condition - some still playable, others inscribed with musicological information - they provided hitherto unimagined possibilities for th study of music and the history of musical instruments in ancient China. Presented here are the insights of six specialists who describe these instruments' sophisticated tuning systems, techniques of manufacture and inscriptions revealing their musical and non-musical significance in ancient Chinese society. It has become apparent that different types of music existed in Bronze Age China (2000-500 BC) for state rituals as well as for private entertainment. The authors place this evidence in the context of recent archaeological discoveries and reassess it in light of classical history and the literature on Chinese music. The three main families of instruments are also examined in detail in individual chapters. Lovers of art and music, as well as enthusiast of archaeology, musicology, and cultural history, should find this a compelling and readable presentation of the latest research and ideas on one of the world's oldest and most profound artistic expressions.

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Introduction: 1000 songs has been selected from Free Music Archive (FMA). The excerpts which were annotated are available in the same package song ids 1 to 1000. We identified some redundancies, which reduced the dataset down to 744 songs. The dataset is split between the development set (619 songs) and the evaluation set (125 songs). The extracted 45 seconds excerpts are all re-encoded to have the same sampling frequency, i.e, 44100Hz. Full songs are available at are also provided in the same package. The 45 seconds excerpts are extracted from random (uniformly distributed) starting point in a given song. The continuous annotations were collected at a sampling rate which varied by browsers and computer capabilities. Therefore, we resampled the annotations and generated the averaged annotations with 2Hz sampling rate. In addition to the average, we will provide the standard deviation of the annotations so that you can have an idea about the margin of error. The continuous annotations are between -1 and +1 and excludes the first 15 seconds due to instability of the annotations at the start of the clips. To combine the annotations collected for the whole song, on nine points scale, we report the average and the standard deviation of the ratings ranging from one to nine.

Abstract: The yucca-yucca moth interaction is one of the most well-known and remarkable obligate pollination mutualisms, and is an important study system for understanding coevolution. Previous research suggests that specialist pollinators can promote rapid diversification in plants, and theoretical work has predicted that obligate pollination mutualism promotes cospeciation between plants and their pollinators, resulting in contemporaneous, parallel diversification. However, a lack of information about the age of Yucca has impeded efforts to test these hypotheses. We used analyses of 4322 AFLP markers and cpDNA sequence data representing six non-protein-coding regions (trnT-trnL, trnL, trnL intron, trnL-trnF, rpsl6 and clpP intron 2) from all 34 species to recover a consensus organismal phylogeny, and used penalized likelihood to estimate divergence times and speciation rates in Yucca. The results indicate that the pollination mutualism did not accelerate diversification, as Yucca diversity (34 species) is not significantly greater than that of its non-moth-pollinated sister group, Agave sensu latissimus (240 species). The new phylogenetic estimates also corroborate the suggestion that the plant-moth pollination mutualism has at least two origins within the Agavaceae. Finally, age estimates show significant discord between the age of Yucca (ca 6-10 Myr) and the current best estimates for the age of their pollinators (32-40 Myr).

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As many of you already know, the government cited the Lavabit case in
a footnote. The problem is their description insinuates a precedent
that was never created. Obviously I was somewhat disturbed by their
misrepresentation. So I decided to draft a statement. And keep in
mind, these are the same people who say "trust us." Click continue to

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The Apache NiFi PMC would like to announce the following CVE discovery in Apache NiFi 1.1.0 - 1.3.0. This issue was
resolved with the release of NiFi 1.4.0 on October 2, 2017. NiFi is an easy to use, powerful, and reliable system to
process and distribute data. It supports powerful and scalable directed graphs of data routing, transformation, and
system mediation logic. For more information, see ....

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Abstract: Listeners were tested on their ability to discriminate "standard" and "comparison" pure-tone musical intervals that differed in size by 20 cents (1/ 5 of an equal-tempered semitone). Some of the intervals were prototypic, equal-tempered perfect fifths (exactly 7 semitones, or 700 cents). Others were mistuned to various degrees (660, 680, 720, or 740 cents). The intervals were melodic (sequential) in Experiments 1 and 2 and harmonic (simultaneous) in Experiment 3. Performance was neither enhanced nor impaired in comparisons that included the prototype. In other words, no "perceptual magnet" or "perceptual anchor" effects were observed. Nonetheless, performance was markedly asymmetric. Regardless of listeners' musical expertise, discrimination was superior when the standard interval was more accurately tuned than the comparison interval (e.g., 700- cent standard, 680-cent comparison), compared with when the comparison was more accurately tuned than the standard (e.g., 680-cent standard, 700-cent comparison).