Therefore, The Iliad reveals a man sometimes controls his destiny....

In the Iliad, Homer beautifully depicts the multifaceted character of Achilles as an epic hero.

At the same time though, they must remain admired and respected.

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Achilles is the strongest fighter in the Greek side, and Hector is the strongest Trojan.

Two men from each side in the great Trojan-Greek war.

In time of war I would expect the leaders to prioritize the groups interest for the sake of unity and cooperation rather than being entrenched in achieving their own personal goals.

"This rage is invoked by pride, a theme of pivotal importance for the Greeks.

However while Weil is correct about how Homer’s descriptions of war and force reveal justice and love, she is wrong in thinking that justice and love are mere “accents” to the Iliad, and progress through the story “withou...

The poem outlines the events and battle that took place between the Greeks and the Trojans.

The Iliad is a marvelous piece of work.

Fly’s comments: This paper was well-organized and developed; the thesis was argued in a logical fashion; material from primary and secondary sources was well-documented and integrated smoothly into the text; the author’s style was clear, with varied and sophisticated sentence structures and concrete vocabulary; and the paper demonstrated excellent command of grammar and mechanics.

including characters’ thoughts (e.g. the Iliad, Odyssey and Aeneid).

1. analytical essay- an attempt to identify an author’s purpose and to evaluate his or her success in achieving it; often used as another name for a book review (See below)
2. argumentative essay- an attempt to convince an audience to think or act in a certain way based upon an appeal to reason (logos)
3. book review- an attempt to introduce an audience to a new or unfamiliar book by combining elements of an expository essay (briefly explaining the setting, main characters, plot), a persuasive essay (making judgments about the quality and importance of the book and sharing your reactions to it), and sometimes an analytical essay (evaluating the author’s purpose and success)
4. descriptive essay- an attempt to enable an audience to feel a certain way by using words to create a mood or emotion

The Iliad Thesis Statements and Important Quotes

When Patroklos comes to Achilles with the idea of going out in his armor and fighting to try to muster the Greek troops and frighten the Trojans, Achilles is taken in by his dear friend’s plea.

Thesis Statement on The Iliad by Homer | Category: …

“Achilles and Ajax playing Dice” by Exekias is the most significant black-figure amphora for its iconography and that represents the ideal art principle and history of the ancient Greece....

Thesis Statement About The Iliad - Jeeva Neerodai

5. expository- an attempt to enable an audience to understand something unfamiliar through a clear explanation which sets forth a number of connected facts
6. letter to the editor- an attempt to introduce or respond to a current issue of civil importance by combining elements of an argumentative (rational) and persuasive (emotional) essay in a very brief format (100-150 words).
7. narrative- an attempt to enable an audience to understand something unfamiliar through a compelling story which sets forth a series of connected events
8. persuasive- an attempt to convince an audience to think or act in a certain way based upon emotional appeals (pathos)