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An example of an exposure study designed to collect data for the purpose of allocating risk to locations, sources and activities is the Windsor Air Quality Study conducted in Windsor, Ontario, Canada (Bell et al., 1994).

The Basic Methodology Problems in Study of Medieval Political and Legal Thought

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There are two major forms of the democratical excercise of powers: the direct and the indirect democracy. The entire system of the separation of powers can be can ce classified within the scope of the indirect excercise of democracy, although in a broad sense methods of the direct excercise of the democracy can make up such division of powers, which can be used as a bance against the machine of power structures, which relys too much on the binary code of the government -opposition, and distances itself too far from the people. Here I would like refer to the legal instrument of the referendums, within which, it is possible to talk about a significant direct excercise of democracy. The American theory, the ’checks and balances’ shall be equal to the concept mentioned above. Usually that concept named as a synonym of it, nevertheless according to some opinions that is considered to be different from it. The demand of mentioning the constitutional power as a separate factor can be arised after the question of creating the classic branches of power is transferred from theory to practice. Namely when not just scientific foundation but social legitimacy inevitably arise. Its importance is justified that the whole framework of the system of the exercise of power is specified by the constitution, which can’t be only the ultimatum of the ruler or a particular social group, layer, class in a constitutional democracy.

Of the 25 subjects included in the nabam study, 2showed irritation (mild erythema and itching).

The study presents historical and legal point of view on the formation of the special legal status of women in the field of labour law and social security law during the 20th century in Slovakia. During this period, special working conditions for women and, in this context, a particular protection of maternity (on grounds of non-discrimination approach, the legislator currently uses the term "parenthood") showed a significant, but (in some respects) cyclic shift. The study refers especially to developing of the scope of maternity leave, protection of job position, arrangement of night work and restrictions and prohibitions of certain works of women, pregnant women and mothers, which are related to the regulations on health and safety at work.

Policing and the Reproduction of Local Social Order: a case study of Greater Manchester


The two first articles of the French Constitution declare that the French concept of State creates a connection between the unity of State and language in order to strengthen social life. Our study sheds light on the way how regional languages and lesser used languages have been treated in French history until today. Since the "Ordonnance sur le fait de la justice" from Villers-Cotterets, published in 1539 under François Ier, the French language is the symbol for national unity and predominant in justice, administration and government.

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The historical beginnings of the Hungarian local government system are rooted in the patrician castle counties and free royal towns of the Middle Ages. Although these local administrative units meant much more than the concept of local governments in the modern understanding of the concept. The unbroken and uncompromising county autonomy suddenly was challenged by the bourgeois state, and this clash caused the need to reform the whole system of local administration. In my short study, I wish to demonstrate this process through the deconstruction of the administrative system of the counties, taking extra care on the unique relationship between the government and the municipality.

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De Bortoli M, Knoeppel M, Pecchio E, Peil A, & Rogora L (1986) Measurement of indoor air quality and comparison with ambient air: A study in 15 homes in Northern Italy.

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Ott WR, Thomas J, Mage D, & Wallace L(1988) Validation of the simulation of human activity and pollutant exposure (SHAPE) model using paired days from the Denver, Colorado, carbon monoxide field study.