Phd thesis on microstrip antenna.

The antenna, which is microstrip-line fed, has a partial ground plane flushed with the feed line.

Phd Thesis On Microstrip Antenna

Principles of antenna theory. Antenna parameters, radiation integrals. Duality and reciprocity theorems. Wire antennas. Antenna arrays. Traveling wave antennas. Broadband and frequency independent antennas. Aperture and reflector antennas. Microstrip antennas. Antenna design. 4 seminars.

The thick film patch antenna is sensitive even to ~ 4.25% moisture content in the overlay material.

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Different parameters like return loss, VSWR, Radiation pattern in 3D are presented.

Key words: The paper presents the design of patch antenna that can operate on a triple band 2.4GHz, 4.6GHz, 5.5GHz.


by Vishwanath Iyer A Dissertation Submitted.
650 - 2700 MHz Bands Product Code: A-XPOL-0002-V2 The antenna provides an innovative and future-proof solution for 4G / 3G and 2G networks.

Key words : Thick film patch antenna, Ku band, Frequency response, dielectric constant, moisture content Reference[1].

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75, 397-407, 2007.
[3] Yang, F.; Xue-Xia Zhang; Xiaoning Ye; Rahmat-Samii, Y.; "Wide-bandE-shaped patch antennas for wireless communications," Antennas and Propagation, IEEE Transactions on, vol.49, no.7, pp.1094-1100, Jul 2001
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Ge, Y.; Esselle, K.P.; Bird, T.S.; , "E-shaped patch antennas forhighspeed wireless networks," Antennas and Propagation, IEEE Transactions on , vol.52, no.12, pp.

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The compact size and ultra wideband performance of this antenna make it advantageous for highspeed wireless communication systems and avionics.

Index Terms: E shaped patch antennas, low profile antennas,HFSS 13(High Frequency Simulation Software),widebandantennas


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A typical geneticalgorithm requires genetic representation of thesolution domain, fitness function to evaluate thesolution domain.

Key words: Antenna, Genetic Algorithm,optimization, Radiation patterns, side lobe level,


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The antenna is fed by waveguide feeding connected to the radiating patch at the longer side Radiation properties of the proposed including far-field patterns, axialratio, directivity, input impedance and voltage standing waveratio (VSWR), are studied simulating through HFSS (High Frequency Simulation Software).Simulation results are in good agreement, nearly equal E- and H-plane far-field patterns withhigh degree of axial symmetry over a bandwidth of more than 50%.

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The radiating element of this antenna consists of an E-shaped patch that assumes a conformal orientation relative to the cylindrical surface in order to yield maximum bandwidth.