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The variability of wind is one of its great disadvantages as an energy source

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The case is not made in a vacuum. In the real world
nuclear power is safer than even wind and solar power on a deaths per terra watt basis. That is fact.
As for cost, nuclear is in the same ballpark as wind power if you do not include wind’s costs of storage or back up power or extra transmission line requirements.
Here is a paper from the US Energy Information Administration.
You are a good example of someone who has a belief that is not borne out by the facts.

Solar and wind are now available cheaper than any other sources. Before gov breakssearch lazard energy version 8

Introduction - Wind Energy - The Facts

Wind and solar cannot provide baseload power, and their true costs are distorted due to subsidies. Remove the subsidy, and the technology dies. No developing country has any incentive to invest significantly in wind or solar, and as energy demand in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. continues to increase, they will choose to burn cheap dirty coal instead, which is absolutely the worst option.

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OK, I see where you get your swag.
I graduated from Colby College with a degree in American Studies. Began studying nuclear waste issues in 1985, when the DOE, in their well-educated, expert opinion, attempted to site what is becoming the Yucca Mountain high level waste dump at Sebago Lake, the drinking supply for greater Portland, Maine.
Then I was downwind in Russia the day Chernobyl melted down. Became the spokesperson for the Maine Nuclear Referendum Committee, which
morphed into Cheaper Safer Power. I was criticized by the industry for not having any nuclear credentials, but then predicted, several times, the cracking of more and more steam generator tubes at the Maine Yankee Atomic Power Plant. Each time, the plant vehemently disagreed with my predictions, and each time, I was proved to be right.
As spokesperson for CSP, I led the successful fight to shut down the Maine Yankee nuclear plant twelve years early, in 1996.


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Wind and solar are fiddling at the edges. If you want firm power, you need 390 watt-hours storage per average watt of installed power — based upon 2016 data for all of England and Scotland, with 30-minute resolution. Look for Euan Means’s article “Grid-Scale Storage of Renewable Energy: The Impossible Dream.” Nevada and Australia might need less, but not 90% less. The Big South Australian Battery provides 0.129 GWe-hr storage, and cost $50 million. Batteries only last for five years or so. For a 1,700 GWe American economy, we’d be spending 2.8 times the total 2016 US GDP for batteries alone.

Heat Engine Projects mostly associated with solar power.

@ DDupuis, though I am nOT an environmentalist I am for CLEAN energy at least as clean as we can get. On this we agree. With Thorium we find way shorted hafl life for the waste, we have cheap energy, we have NO POLLUTION(other than the wast material which is not as hot as u235. Wind is unsightly and deadly to birds, coal is dirtyas is U235 nuclear power which is BOTH. Thorium is the answer.

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Think outside the box, the real source of energy that is being overlooked is water power. With computers and hydraulics which did not exist when it was the major power source and the advent of the internal combustion engine the single greatest power source on the planet has been overlooked. Nuclear is clean except for spent rods and meltdowns, sun is great but not 24-7-365, coal and other hydrocarbons are polluters and the wind doesn’t blow 24-7. Major metropolises are built along streams and exist as they were the the only cheap source of transporting goods in the olden days. Dams destryed fish runs, sedimentation in rivers and floods and failures resulting in property loss and death when they burst.
Turbines placed on the bottoms of major waterways next to cities and their advantages. No sub stations for hundreds of miles,gravity constant is the renewable power source. Located strategically water traffic is not affected and there is no limit to how many or how often they are located. Maintenance in seldom required and aquatic and fish life are unaffected , they swim right around or through them. A constant self renewing power source with no pollution located near the source of it’s benefactors, no cost for fuel, the benefits are limitless but one must think outside of the box.
Our current love affair with wind nuclear and sun as a source is misguided by by all of the attention and publicity. As an added feature, they would not be an eye sore that environmentalists oppose.

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Commenter: Catherine Schuyler
As a nation we need to pursue vigorously, the developement of renewables to make us free of fossil fuels and Middle East oil. Replacing oil with another non renewal fuel is not logical and does not
help us move into the future of clean, renewal fuel.