the impact of training on employee and organization performance

The Effectiveness of Task-Based Instruction in the Improvement of Learners' Speaking Skills (2005)

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Commitment to schedules and training sessions, taking responsibility for their behavior, and a desire to succeed, are based upon the motivational perspectives involved, as for example if the athlete possesses characteristic extrinsic or intrinsic motivations.

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Studies have pointed out that well-developed group dynamics result in increased extension performance (Leonard, 1977).An important aspect of human resource management which needs special attention in extension organizations is the development of a reward system which will attract, retain, and motivate extension personnel, as well as provide training and promotional opportunities.

Athletes can become so task focused and rigid in their training routines that the perception of significantly improving performance above and beyond their current level may be non-existent.

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Furthermore, time set aside for mental skills practice, and the belief in the methods employed, require a certain level of motivation, even more so, than physical based training that has quantifiable results from the beginning and can be assessed and measured with regularity.

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Mental skills training takes a certain degree of patience and trust in their application because results may not come immediately, and are often qualitative and difficult to separate from significant increases in physiological performance (Strean & Roberts, 1992).

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The initial difficulties associated with implementing a mental skills training package can be alleviated by ascertaining the motivational characteristics behind the aim of increasing performance.

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Thus, as its first premise, mental skills training relies on a methodology of self-mastery, generated through self-knowledge, to enhance the psychological state of the individual.

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This is because extrinsic rewards tend to govern the concept of self, and event performance, that is, the athlete’s self-confidence and overall satisfaction with training and performance are influenced and defined by external factors out of the control of the individual.

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Proper planning and management of human resources within extension organizations is essential to increase the capabilities, motivation, and overall effectiveness of extension personnel.

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Keeping this in view, this chapter discusses the various dimensions of human resource management as applicable to extension organizations: human resource planning for extension, job analysis, recruitment and training of extension personnel, performance appraisal, supervision, management of rewards and incentives, improvement of the quality of work life, and organizational development for extension.Human resource planning forecasts the future personnel needs of extension organizations.