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The extremist terrorist group, al Qaeda, attacked the U.S and briefly paralyzed a nation.

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Of course not. But if you have $10B to spend on stopping terrorism, would you rather spend it on countermeasures that have a decent chance of working or countermeasures that are likely to be completely ineffective? That's the question here. We should definitely try to prevent terrorism. This system isn't going to do it. I suggest we spend the money on something that might.

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"There are an estimated 10 million illegal immigrants in the USA from Mexico. If the data mining can't find them, how will it find the 100 that may be up to terrorist mischief?"

There are an estimated 10 million illegal immigrants in the USA from Mexico. If the data mining can't find them, how will it find the 100 that may be up to terrorist mischief?"

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While one might attempt to make an argument that successful attacks are fundamentally different from unsuccessful ones, there is at least some evidence to the contrary. For one thing, if you’re going to blow things up you either have to purchase explosives or things that can become explosives. Likewise, terrorists (of recent notoriety, anyway) predominantly come from or have ties to certain areas of the world. As you point out, applying such criteria to your data mining effort will increase the false negative rate; a system with these assumptions doesn’t catch the IRA members or Timothy McVeigh.

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I want to stop terrorists. I don't want to waste money and time on programs that don't do anything to actually stop them, but might look like they do.

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"Data mining may be very effective against terrorism, if you're looking for related events instead of suspicious ones. For example, given a known terrorist, data mining can point to other terrorists from his cell."

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One area where data mining can be useful, it seems, is to develop interesting information about people we already now to be bad actors. Some of that can be fed back to identify new folks. But in the initial cases the profile is absolutely as specific as one could ask, since the subjects are known to be terrorists...

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but, given that a terrorist in a sleeper cell is trying to blend in, that terrorist will also have many contacts with simple bystanders. how do you reliably tell which contacts are terrorist contacts and which aren't, particularly since the non-terrorist contacts will inevitably outnumber the terrorist ones by a lot, and the really terrorist contacts will be covert?

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Tank - your example has little to do with data mining. Numbers extracted from a phone on the battlefield, I would guess, meets probable cause for connections to terrorism as required by FISA, and you can get a warrent and listen. With provisions of the USA PATRIOT act, that warrent applies to any phone of the individual in any locality without getting another court order - it just doesn't transfer automatically to other people.