Palynological data on the Zafir Formation,Halal 1 borehole, NE Sinai,

This page outlines information about palynology in the broadest sense.

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It is a collaborative effort of the University of Georgia's Department of Germanic & Slavic Languages, the Terry College of Business, and the School of Economics and Social Sciences at the Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg located about two hours north of Munich in the state of Bavaria, Germany.

Abstract: "The term palynology was coined after awritten discussion with Ernst ANTEVS and A.

Permian–Triassic extinction event - Wikipedia

Preliminarypalynological results from the organic matter enriched sequence, GharebFormation, Mishor Rotem implications on the environment of deposition.

Palynological aspects of the Permo Triassic succession in thesubsurface of Israel,

This site has pointers topalynology definitions and illustrations,palynology references, AASP Palydisks andlinks to other palynology organizations andother palynologists.

Tomek (eds.), ,Charlottesville:Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education, pp.

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An Archaeology Concentration is available and provides students with an opportunity to study the archaeology, languages, art, and history of the Greeks and Romans while also offering archaeological field experience on a classical site.

Janvier, P., 1996, Early Vertebrates, Clarendon Press, Oxford

The A.B. in Cognitive Science at the University of Georgia is a demanding interdisciplinary program. In the major-related core, students take lower-level classes in computer science, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, and statistics. At the upper-division level, all majors take courses in cognitive science and cognitive psychology and choose between either Artificial Intelligence (CSCI/PHIL 4550) or Generative Syntax (ENGL/LING 3150). Students focus on two (or more) of four areas of concentration: Artificial Intelligence Foundations, Philosophical Foundations, Psychological Foundations, and Language and Culture (Linguistics and Anthropology).

Walter Brown's Hydroplate Model Doesn't Hold Water

Students desiring to practice in the areas of speech-language pathology, audiology, or education of the hearing impaired must obtain full professional credentials and certification from the Georgia Professional Standards Commission through an accredited master’s or doctorate degree. A master's degree is the entry-level degree for the practice of Speech-Language Pathology and a doctoral degree is the entry-level degree of the practice of Audiology in hospitals, rehabilitation settings, public schools, etc.

A Review of Walt Brown's book and hydroplate theory

The Classical Culture major at the University of Georgia provides students with an opportunity to pursue studies in Greek and Roman literature, history, archaeology, art, philosophy, and religion without concentrating on the ancient languages—although some study in Latin and/or Greek is strongly encouraged.


Computer Science deals with the logical and mathematical foundations of computing and how to implement problem solutions as programs in a computer language. It continues to be one of the fastest growing career fields in the nation with critical demands for technically trained persons to provide technical support for computer operations and develop new computer hardware and software systems.