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effects of motivation on employee performance: a case study of ghana commercial bank, kumasi zone.

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The eligibility criteria for the Access Modules in England also applies to prisoners ordinarily resident in Wales, it is as follows: you must be within 8 years of your earliest release date and must detail which qualification you are working towards. In addition, you need to confirm your residency for the past three years prior to your sentence; you must also detail your potential, motivation and eligibility to commit to ongoing study via a student loan.

Education, household items, employability courses, items to aid in the rehabilitation of the client up to the amount of £300.

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Gender construction and its negotiation in the course of second language learning: a case study of Chinese students learning English as a foreign language in a state secondary school

Administrators and front line staff at all the organisations who took the trouble to provide accurate and current information on the material support they provide; Carol, at Citizens Advice, for providing us with and organising permission for us to use Citizens Advice material on Benefit changes; Suzan at PET for her work researching and then checking the section on education funding in England and Wales; Lee, a housing advisor for updating the section on Housing which is included as it clearly has a financial aspect to it; Zahida and Ken for their help in developing the mentoring section of the Directory; Andrew, a recruitment consultant for his piece on Looking for Employment; Hugh & Stuart for their articles that relate to becoming self employed; Phil at HMPPS for offering a new foreword to this edition; Pat at HMPPS, James at SPS and Dan at Northern Ireland Prison Service for checking the Prisoners’ money and Prison Service administered support sections; Jim at SPS for his input in the Education, training & preparing for work section;

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Prisoners who are nearing the end of their sentence and who are working outside in preparation for release will be subject to tax and national insurance contributions if they are earning enough to merit these payments. With the commencement of parts of the Prisoners’ Earnings Act in 2011, prisoners who undertake paid employment with an outside employer are subject to a levy of up to 40% on wages over £20 per week (after tax, national insurance and any court ordered or child support payments have been deducted).The levy is applied to all those who fall within the definition but at the Governor’s discretion the rate of the levy may be reduced or waived if there are exceptional circumstances. Currently, all monies received from the levy are paid to voluntary organisations concerned with victim support or crime prevention or both.

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The Progressive Regimes and Earned Privileges Scheme (PREPS) underline the Prison Service’s investment in preparing prisoners for release by encouraging, motivating, supporting and rewarding them for:

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A mentor can help you to: explore your attitude towards crime, prepare for release, overcome barriers, provide a balanced view and inspire and motivate you. Mentoring is when one person (the mentor) supports another to enable them to make positive changes in their life. This might be support around getting a job or education, children and families, housing, drug or alcohol issues, managing your finances and debt, and helping to build confidence and self-esteem. Mentoring is sometimes also described as befriending or buddying and may include peer support/advice.

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Mosaic Mentoring can help you develop the skills needed to find a job once you’re through the gate. Beginning before you leave prison, and continuing once you’ve been released, the scheme offers workshops and 1-2-1 mentoring sessions designed to help boost your employability and confidence.

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Initial mentoring sessions focus on relationship building before moving onto practical support and guidance. This involves a particularly strong focus on practical employability skills such as how to efficiently seek and apply for jobs and how and when to disclose criminal convictions. In working through these exercises the intention is not simply to pass on hard skills but to support the mentees engage with the prospects of new opportunities outside of prison, which can often be a daunting prospect. Positive and supportive relationships with mentors are therefore crucial in taking these first steps.