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Adi Kuntsman’s research focuses on matters of violence in Israel / Palestine and in Jewish diasporas, in politics, culture and everyday life. Kuntsman’s past work examined the violence of Israeli nationalism as it emerged in LGBT and immigrant politics; the relations between anti-Semitic and Islamophobic violence; and the role of emotions in racist cultural formations. Currently Kuntsman is working on the intersections of Israeli militarism, war and digital media. Kuntsman’s major publications include: 'Queering Middle Eastern Cyberscapes' (co-edited special issue of Journal of Middle Eastern Women's Studies, 2012); Figurations of Violence and Belonging: Queerness, Migranthood and Nationalism in Cyberspace and Beyond (2009); 'Webs of Hate in Diasporic Cyberspaces: The Gaza War in the Russian-language Blogosphere' in Media, War and Conflict (2010); 'Written in Blood: Contested Borders and the Politics of Passing in Israel/Palestine and in Cyberspace' in Feminist Media Studies (2008); 'The Soldier and the Terrorist: Sexy Nationalism, Queer Violence' in Sexualities (2008).Kuntsman’s latest book, Digital Militarism: Israeli Occupation in the Age of Social Media, co-authored with Rebecca L. Stein, is forthcoming with Stanford University Press.

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Status degradation of women is the sole theme of some rap songs - referencing women as "stupid ass bitch," "slutty ho," or "chickenhead"
Lyrics also helps legitimize violence
The message in these songs teaches that violence is the correct response to women who "don't know their place" and who violate gender roles and that men should follow this lesson
Example: Dr.

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Over 100 examples of pornographic photographs are included in accompanied by analyses of the misogyny evident in each picture. Russell chose to risk being sued for publishing these pictures without obtaining permission from the pornographers because she believes that seeing pornography is the most powerful evidence of the woman-hatred inherent in it.

03/01/2018 · Self-esteem, misogyny and afrocentricity: An examination of the relationship between rap music consumption and African American perceptions.

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Music videos and album covers help link graphic images to the degrading lyrics of a song.
The theory of misogyny applies to all three of my samples.

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Senior Lecturer in Hebrew and Israel Studies; a regular participant in workshops and working conferences in the UK and Israel, having given a number of presentations on teaching methods and assessment, a former AQA Chief Examiner in Modern Hebrew for A and AS levels (2001-2003) and a previous adviser on the Teaching of Hebrew at the Division for Hebrew and Culture, Jerusalem, Israel. Research interests include: Hebrew language and literature, with a special interest in the effect of mother tongue of British students on the learning of Hebrew. Principal Teaching: Modern Hebrew Language; Hebrew Literature; Modern Hebrew Texts; Israeli Media, Israeli Cinema as part of the contemporary cinema in the Middle East; E-learning.

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Dre's, "Bitches Ain't Shit." This song shows the derogatory naming of women as well as stating that all they are good for is sex.

Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks
Lick on these nuts and suck the dick
Gets the fuck out after you're done
And I hops in my ride to make a quick run

Theory: Misogyny
Misogyny means the hatred of women simply because they are female.

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Professor in Linguistics; Editor of '' (LUP); Series Editor 'Language Contact and Bilingualism' (Mouton). Research interests include: language contact and bilingualism, grammar and discourse, anthropological linguistics and dialectology, standardisation of minority languages and issues of language and identity. His current research is directed particularly to language contact, urban Multilingualism, Kurdish, and Romani. Major publications include: 'The Romani Gypsies' (Harvard, 2015); 'I met lucky people: The story of the Romani Gypsies (Penguin, 2014); Contact Languages (Mouton, 2013); A grammar of Domari (Mouton, 2012); Romani in Britain: The Afterlife of a Language (EUP, 2010); Language Contact (CUP, 2009); Markedness and Language Change: The Romani sample (Mouton, 2006); Romani: A Linguistic Introduction (CUP, 2002), as well as ‘Spoken Israeli Hebrew revisited’ (in: special issues of Journal of Semitic Studies, 2005).