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The dashed line indicates the extent of the taper beyond the edge of the metamaterial region.

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The stochastic EM algorithm is a widely applicable approach for computing maximum likelihood estimates for the mixture problem[2].During past years the active contour models (Snakes) have been widely used for finding the contours of objects.

Design of Metamaterial Based Antenna South Simcoe PolicePhd thesis on metamaterials.

High Level synthesis in Electronics Design Automation

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This journal discusses current threats to cloud computing as well as summarizing the currently available detection systems for malware in the cloud.

Key words: Cloud threats, Malware, Security, Threat Detection,

Journal Papers:[1] Krešimir Popović, Željko Hocenski, "Cloud computing security issues and challenges" Proc.

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In Proceedings of the 2nd IEEE Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems and Applications, pages 90–100, Feb2008.
[9] Charles Perkins, Elizabeth Royer, and Samir Das.

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Further, it has been used to reduce the size of a rectangular patch antenna.

Key words: Metamaterial, negative index, permeability, permittivity, Jerusalem Cross.

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Design of Metamaterial Based Antenna Using Unit Cells

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Inherent characteristics of SOA framework have nurtured agility and flexibility in distributed computing environment but also have posed high security challenges.