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On the subject of brassieres, and to be frank, this site is predominantly devoted to the girdle and corset, we came across some advertisements for Pulmonet, the famous German manufacturer of times gone by. The wistful look of their brassiere model really took my husband's attention (left). Their panty-girdle advertisement has been placed on our .

Valhalla is a secluded mansion in Maine, the home of the Richters, wealthy refuges from war-torn Germany.

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The erudite Roger K has recently delivered his usual list of omissions and errors for which we are always very grateful. We do make mistakes because we are human, however, in cyber-space some little gremlin seems to remove pictures at random. Please let us know if pictures are missing. Roger alerted us to an excellent YouTube video from Lucy's Corsetry. If you want to buy a corset, you should look at Lucy's.

On a moonlit night, the teenagers make a promise to meet at their favorite place, an abandoned golf course in a small Maine town, in fifteen years.

It used to be said that New Zealand and Tasmania were a bit like the Britain of 50 years ago, however, we know New Zealand and it is bang up to date. This is probably good for the younger generation, however, for nostalgia buffs it is a disappointment. We have never visited Tasmania but I suspect it has been pretty well modernised too. It was, therefore, with a mixture of surprise tempered with sadness that we learned recently about the retirement of a long-time corsetiere in 2014, (ne Demeijer b. 1948).

Claire Elliot to shelter her adolescent son, Noah, from the distractions of the big city, and the lingering memory of his father's death.