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Gangsterisms are the social phenomenon which occurs widely among teenagers in our country.

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Gay/Lesbians--Gays and lesbians have also been victimized by consistent negative and stereotypical portrayals in American films. In 1987, Vito Russo points out in his book about homosexuality in American movies (), nothing is ". . . more imbedded in industry culture than a belief that the public would never accept a gay hero. "For most of its history, therefore, the screen entertainment industry pretended homosexuals did not exist; when they did appear, they were portrayed as harmless buffoons or as murderers, murder victims, or suicides."

The study was not attempted as a thorough and in-depth research on gangs as such.

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As a further illustration of the thinking of studio executives with regard to their priority of making films commercial, producer Buck Houghton wrote in a discussion relating to movie titles that " . . . the most commercial title of all is still unused and available: 'Sex and Violence'." Recognizing that the Houghton statement was offered partly for its humorous value, it is one of those jokes that is at least half true (i.e., many of the top level studio executives actually believe that sex and violence are the most commercial elements of feature films and that making money is the most important reason to make films). Thus, another result of the lack of diversity at the top in Hollywood is the emphasis on commercial appeal as opposed to artistic merit.

Problems arising among the youthare at the alarming .Free gangster papers, essays, and research papers.

The research gives an overview of gangsterism as a global phenomenon and how it specificallymanifests and presents itself within the context of the Cape Flats of Cape Town.

The mainresearch question was: How do faith communities, in particular Christian churches, respond tothe challenges of gangsterism on the Cape Flats.

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Why, however, would the Hollywood establishment attempt to mislead the American public about the nature of films? Why would this group (or any other movie industry control group) repeatedly try to convince the American public that movies are merely entertainment, that the moviegoing public votes with its pocketbook (i.e., the audiences ultimately determine what kinds of movies will be shown) and that movies do not influence human behavior? The evidence set forth in this book (and its companion volumes) suggests this deception occurs because the Hollywood establishment wants to discourage the next natural step in any inquiry into the affairs of the film industry, if such questions were answered truthfully. In other words, Hollywood does not want a closer examination of the messages being communicated by a medium that is more than mere entertainment, by a medium that is controlled by a small, narrowly defined interest group (to the exclusion of all other interest groups in a very diverse society). Hollywood does not want an examination of why the Hollywood control group chooses to produce and release the movies it does (regardless of whether audiences really want to see such movies) and Hollywood does not want to accept responsibility for any of the anti-social behavior for which movies are partly responsible.

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As a specific example, of the Hollywood slant on politics, production company head Ted Field (Interscope–) specifically stated that his " . . . goal in entertainment and politics 'is to impact culture.' His main target: the Religious Right of the Republican Party." Field, one of the heirs to the Marshall Fields fortune could have done a lot of things with his money, but he chose to make movies and "impact culture", because he believed films were important and that they, in fact, influence human behavior.