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We focus on evolutionary principles as applied to human evolution, the emergence of adaptations during the process of gene environment interaction during development, and the interplay of cultural and biological factors in human behaviour.

This was the thought we encountered in The function of a Parliament or a Congress is for Hegelians, psychology.

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Yes, we know that the books supporting evolution contain much more information than two pictures. However, from this “foundation,” the authors only apply the facts in their books to “the theory of evolution model.” We are not aware of any public school text that mentions another model, like the Bible’s creation account. That is a primary reason for creating this page.

Revolution is always recorded as a event by the politically or economically deprived against an autocratic state.

For example, if you observe a discussion between two people regarding whether the Bible’s creation account or the theory of evolution is correct, they will not be debating whether a species of clam can develop larger ridges in its shell! (A mcroevolution topic.) They will be discussing and These are abiogenesis and mcroevolution topics, respectively. There is no empirical (reproducible and testable) proof for abiogenesis or mcroevolution. So, the person supporting evolution will typically turn the argument around to mcroevolution, where some evidence exists. Please be aware that if someone attempts to justify the theory of evolution by showing how mcroevolution works, they are changing the topic on you and not proving anything.

Unlike many others that preceded us, we attempted to find a clear defense of evolution for two reasons:

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We believe any unbiased reader will realize that we were fair with our treatment of the two models in the table above. Yet, although the theory of evolution matches the facts in some cases, evolution is still an unproven theory. Further, the scientific evidence matches the Bible’s creation account better in most cases. By now, you may believe it should be your first choice also.

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Since Darwin’s time, the theory of evolution developed through people writing books. Nothing dug up out of the ground (or discovered anywhere else) has ever supported the theory of evolution. Examine the books that promote evolution yourself. They typically contain two things:

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Yes, there are many fossils lying around. That means a lot of plants and animals died and we can find their fossilized remains. Someone who believes in evolution would have you believe this happened over time. Think logically—if a rat died in an open field today, or a deer died in the woods, would either become fossilized? Would they stay put and untouched on the ground long enough to be covered by dirt eventually and become fossilized? No. They would be eaten by other animals and blown around by the winds and rains until a complete skeleton was no longer available. The reality is that there is no evidence that fossils were formed continually (or are being formed continually) as the theory of evolution predicts.

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There is no question that the large number of fossils testifies to the accuracy of the creation model rather than the theory of evolution model.

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The point of discussion here is whether the layers were deposited over vast geological times or over a relatively quick period. Steve Austin investigated the Mount St. Helens eruption, which produced a small scale version of the Grand Canyon. He showed that thousands of layers were deposited over a number of rather than being laid down gradually over long (4.5 billion years) geologic ages. We are not stating that this proves that the layers of the earth’s surface were laid down quickly. We are stating that ample evidence exists that the layers of the earth could be produced quickly by a geologic catastrophe like the flood in the Bible. Since neither model can prove itself in this area, we will award a “tie” to the creation and evolution models.