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The main purpose of the criminal justice system is to  crime through .

45-year-old man before court for defiling girl, 10

Juvenile Delinquency - Custom PhD Thesis Write a 12 page essay briefly discussing the history and evolution of the juvenile justice system.

Based upon the assumption that the criminal justice process is plagued by human error throughout.

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“In order for punishment not to be, in every instance, an act of violence of one or of many against a private citizen, it must be essentially public, prompt, necessary, the least possible in the given circumstances, proportionate to the crimes, dictated by the laws.”

Concentric zone theory is a variation that argues that crime increases toward the inner city area.

The classical school of thought about crime and criminal justice emerged during the late eighteenth century with the work of an Italian named Cesare Beccaria and an Englishman named Jeremy Bentham.

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For instance, it seems as if just about everyone they arrest is a black man who is seen spread-eagled on the ground or against the hood of a police car, and not wearing a shirt.

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“Why is crime higher in the inner cities?" or “Why does the US have a much higher rate of crime than other nations?” or “Why is the highest rate of violence in the Southern states?”

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Although it has never been proven that various kinds of mental illnesses “cause” crime, it is nevertheless true that a large proportion of inmates (as many as 1/3) have suffered from one or more symptoms of various mental diseases.

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One of the key ideas of the social ecology of crime is the fact that high rates of crime and other problems persist within the same neighborhoods over long periods of time

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Studies of the rates of crime and delinquency, especially by sociologists Henry Shaw and David McKay in Chicago, demonstrated that over an extended period of time, the highest rates were found within the first three zones These high rates were strongly correlated with such social problems as mental illness, unemployment, poverty, infant mortality, and many others

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The basic thesis of strain theory is this: Crime stems from the lack of articulation or “fit” between two of the most basic components of society: and

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At the same time, the legitimate means are not as well defined or as strongly ingrained. In other words, there is a lot of discretion and a lot of tolerance for deviance from the means but not the goals. One result of such a system is high levels of crime.