These terms are Impressionism, Expressionism, and Minimalism.

My essay starts with the origin and the birth of this great expression in the twentieth century.

Pop art was a form of rebellion against Abstract Expressionism.

Leron and Dubinsky, in their paper ¡§An Abstract Algebra Story¡¨, penned the following two statements, summarizing comments that are often heard from both teacher and student alike....

As a movement the Abstract Expressionists were seen as rebels and sometimes even troublemakers.

The different expressions all give the same underlying look of envy.

The term "Abstract Expressionism" was first used in Germany in connection with Rusian artist Wassily Kandinsky in 1919 (referencing the German Expressionists with their anti-figurative aesthetic), but later became more commonly associated with Post-WWII American Art.

He also point out that only a few artists described themselves as expressionists.

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Discussions of cinematic language, cinema as art form, as social expression, creativity in an industrial medium; emphasis on major historical positions in classical film theory as well as recent developments.

Yet however spontaneous their works may appear, abstract artists employ highly calculated methods.

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However, the divide between the collaborative and relatively more open atmosphere of the West Coast artists and the New York School is clearly on display in this exhibition and its related materials. In her catalog essay titled The Advantages of Obscurity Women Abstract Expressionists in San Francisco, Susan Landauer points out that after 1950, when Clyfford Still left San Francisco for New York, “[The California School of Fine Arts] entered an era of unparalleled opportunity, in which women were not just participants, but became leaders of artistic activity.” Landauer suggests that remaining in San Francisco and working in obscurity was a benefit to these artists who developed their own, often whimsical approach to abstraction.

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“When my mother was painting abstract expressionist works, it was particularly difficult for the women because they were not recognized by the men as being proper vehicles or embodiment of the movement because they thought that they [the men] were the embodiments of that movement and that the women were collateral,” Christopher Schwabach said, in a short film that accompanies the exhibition.

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“Isn’t it fair to say that after Still leaves the area, that these artists on the West Coast are part of a broader view of Abstract Expressionism?” Marter asks.

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Not only gender inequity, but also geographical myopia identified this period, according to Chanzit’s exhibition. Abstract expressionism was centered in New York City, but one could say the West deeply influenced the group.


- born 1964: recipient of the Painting of the Year Competition top prize for arguable the best work among the winners over the years, this print-recycled ink work artistexpresses a deep concern for the accelerated development oftechnology.
- artist known for using food materials in her works, she participated in the show at Sculpture Square, and is showing at SENI Singapore 2004.
Annabelle Felise Aw - 2004 administrator for The Other House, trained in Visual Communications from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, pursued Art Management with LaSalle-SIA College of the Arts.
- sculptor who was once resident in Singapore and who taught Art here, now living in America.
- expressionistic portrait artist who showed at s at the SAM.
AnthonyHo Chuo Sai - Chinese calligraphy artist who practices the running script.
- 1945 - 2006: Cultural Medallion recipient painter and sculptor whocreates geometric clean graphic relief canvases with subtle transition of colorwhich may be seen as a variant of hardedge colorfield painting, known for his Waves series, smoker who succumbed to lung cancer.
- offers his view in the excerpt of the article Peanuts get Monkey as printed in Modern Painters.
- solo show at the Arts House in 2006.
- artist showed at 2003 and at Monsoonasia.
- born 1982: website: trained at NAFA, paints nude portraits and figurines of young women, makes installations, uses photographic medium, inspired by Chinese comic style.
- artist who creates comic illustrations as part of his style, one of the artists for Celebportraits.
- I = Am show at Utterly Art in 2006, shows with Janice Chin.
- born 1934 Hong Kong: raised in Singapore, eminent Ophthalmologist, passionate artist, prominent patron,with an exhibition at Heng Artland and Paris Opera Gallery, and whosebronze statue of a stands at National University of Singapore; has studio for visiting artists, large loan of art collection to NUS University Cultural Center.
Au Ping Seng - born 1943: Chinese painter.
Au Yeung Hing Yee - Singapore artist.
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