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I also have are nausea, dizziness, brainfog, painful periods,immense discomfort in the ribs above my liver, white spots on my lower legs, a terrible depression that descends over me when I realise I have to think of something I can eat and in my case severe acid reflux.

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Candida leads to brain fog because having systemic candidiasis means you’re constantly drinking alcohol, as yeasts convert sugars into alcohol. This also congests the liver, another major co-factor in brain fog. If the liver, the filter for blood, is congested, it cannot take toxins out of the bloodstream fast enough. These toxins will pass the blood-brain barrier of the brain and deplete the brain of oxygen and glycogen.

Night clouds or noctilucent clouds are tenuous cloud-like phenomena in the upper atmosphere. They are made of ice crystals and are only visible in a deep twilight.

I was diagnosed with GS last week. I also suffer from IBS, diagnosed a year ago… my dr put me on the birth control pill among a few other meds, in which my reaction was to gain a great deal of weight in a short amount of time… Since that time, I had alot of trouble in school because I was always exhausted, even though I got at least 10 hours sleep each night… What I find, and always have, is that I have NO apetite. I eat alot of high protein, low carb foods. I make myself eat atleast 3 meals a day.. but it's hard getting the food down. My GS symptoms are: ALWAYS tired! Especially after I exercise - I exercise at Curves atleast 3 times a week, but find that I just have no energy to get started, and by time I'm done, it's bedtime for me. I get very dehydrated (even though I drink about 150oz of water a day). I have alot of "brain fart" (as my friends refer to them) moments. I can get very nausiated. I don't know if that is related to the GS or the IBS. I can get severe gas-type pains in my stomach and abdomin. My IBS is still not under control. It tends to run in a 2 week cycle: 2 weeks of constipation followed by 2 weeks of non-stop diahrea. I also have ALOT of allergies. Seasonal, dust, cats, some dog, most pain killers - morphine, codeine, naprosyn, penisyllin among others. I also get migranes. I find they tend to come only after eating high-carb, high sugar or sugar substituted foods, caffine, breads.

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STORY — Voyage of the Southern Sun

Male, age 26
Bilirubin readings: 24, 26, 35, 42
Symptoms: dizziness, spaced out, cold hands and feet, heart palpitations, breathlessness, body aches, tremors, feeling cold, jaundice, pale skin, vitreous floaters, aching glands, weight loss, anxiety, caffeine intolerance, fatigue, visual focusing disturbances, swollen lymph nodes, difficulty swallowing, waking panic attacks, mental confusion, high blood pressure, night sweats, excessive thirst, excessive urination, constipation, diarrhea, irritability, kidney pain when urinating, restlessness, hypoglycemic reactions to food, fingernail changes, brain fog, head pressure, itchiness, alcohol intolerance, difficulty concentrating, poor memory, difficulty finding the right words, tingling legs

— STORY — The Southern Sun Story

A thorough medical check-up a few year's ago identified that I'd inherited GS from my father. Like him I have the classic symptoms - get tired easily (need nine hours sleep most nights), prefer low-fat 'dry' foods, can look jaundiced from time to time, don’t feel good after drinking alcohol, occasional poor memory and foggy brain etc. Recently though I've been experiencing some additional problems - abdominal pain seemingly caused by indigestion and now, a swollen thyroid on my right side.

Symptoms: itchiness

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SEVERE insomnia due to cold sweats and itching
SEVERE night sweats (Bed soaked, have to get up)
insommnia maybe due to other problems, but often wake up throughout the night
Back and joint pain (symptoms of swollen lymph glands, made me paranoid about many other conditions)
My ankles burn like hell if i stand up for more than a minute or so. This is actually more annoying than any other symptom, and gets no sympathy from others. I have a varicose vein, but gp says not related, and it happens in both ankles.