Indeed, the structure of the two stories differs greatly.

Before I got up to speak I thought confident of myself to help give me courage and confidence.

And guess what is at the heart of narrative. Time.

Lest anyone think was a fluke, here you see it again — the ABT structure in the opening of almost all stories on the front page of the NY Times. For today you see 3 of 6 stories start their second paragraph with “but.” Two of the others have the ABT structure without saying “but.”

Structure (fiction) - The way that the writer arranges the plot of a story.

MUCH RESPECT. The theater rises at the end of Al Gore’s Q&A.

The place is huge — about 50 buildings split into north and south campuses right on the San Francisco Bay. It was one meeting after another with folks working on drug development, structural biologists, neurophysiologists — on and on. Lots and lots of science that was beyond me, but all of which could benefit from .

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But here’s the most dramatic aspect of what they said — they were nowhere near certain of the value of the training a year earlier when it finished. In fact, last August I interviewed Gail Wisler on camera and was really wanting her to say Story Circles was awesome, but she couldn’t and wouldn’t.

. It immediately activates the narrative parts of the brain.

Thom and I worked on making a documentary of sorts out of “The Log from the Sea of Cortez” for a couple of years. We had a number of fairly sloshed creative lunches, then at one point — and I’m sorry, but I just have to share this with some of you who can appreciate the outlandish humor of it (the rest of you can get stuffed) — we typed up a synopsis one day and as a joke he added on the cover page the subtitle of, “A Ribald Tale of Barrel-chested Men and Large Breasted Women on the High Seas.”

Topic: Thesis Narrative Speech – 193416 - …

Phase Two is what just ended. He fired Lewandowski, brought on , tried to be more Presidential, gave a lot of boring, ineffective speeches, made lots of gaffes and blunders, sagged in the spolls, started using a teleprompter, and among all these other things, ended up giving speeches that all scored well below 20 for the Narrative Index.

Thesis statement in a narrative speech

Regardless, a clear pattern has emerged for . He once gave speeches that had strong narrative dynamics. Those speeches all scored over 20 for their Narrative Index (ratio of Buts/Ands times 100 to make a round number). As soon as it began to look like he could win the nomination and he began thinking more about what he was doing — including trying to be more “Presidential” by using a teleprompter — his scores plummeted. The last time he scored over 20 is now February in his victory speech for the New Hampshire primary. He’s sputtered out, narratively.

Thesis Statement For Narrative Speech

For three years I have been brought in to work with the team of scientist/inventors they choose to give a series of talks during the year. It’s always a bit of a shock for them to be subjected to me — especially the ones who have given with over a million views. They naturally think there’s no need to mess with their presentation skills.

The thesis statement is a vital part of your speech

Earlier this year, after pounding away at the political blogs with 5 different essays about using the ABT dynamics to analyze the narrative content of speeches (none were published), and finding that the political pundits are more innovation-averse than the dullest foundations, I finally just ended up . No one important noticed, which was fine. It’s only data, after all, coming from the guy who wrote three books on narrative structure and is now running narrative training with the best science institutions in the country. Not likely he would know as much as journalists.