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For the second consecutive year, three EKU Aviation students were selected as recipients of the...

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A certificate is to a masters degree as an associates degree is to a bachelors. Well not exactly, but that is probably in the right ball park. I’d see if you can get a certificate on your way toward getting a masters degree. That will give you two things to put on your resume and if you don’t complete the masters you’ll at least have something.

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Keep in mind that what is a “weed out class” for one person may not be for someone else. If you look carefully at the required classes and maybe take some preparatory class at another school before starting at Harvard, you should probably be ok if you are willing to work hard.

I was wondering if to pursue my master’s degrees or graduate certificate at Harvard. I’m not too sure how graduate certificates are really looked at compared to a master’s. At Harvard extension are there weed out classes as well for the graduate certificates? If you earn your certificate is that looked at as a graduation accomplishment as the traditional ceremony’s?

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Hello Mark, I’m interested in the HES undergraduate program. I’m currently a Junior in High School and wanted to ask if I could attend HES right after high school. Also, do you think if I take a government undergrad course, and finish and get my diploma may I still be able to apply to any law school and get a Law degree (J.D.)? Assuming I pass the BAR & LSAT for admissions.

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I don’t believe HBS offers and MBA online. If you are interested in the Harvard Extension School, you should look at the website and then give them a call if you have further questions.

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That probably depends a lot on your academic background. I wouldn’t say that it was easy. You’ll have to invest considerable time to complete the projects, but if you can meet the prerequisites it is probably doable.

Memorial Hall that serves as the dining hall for freshmen.

I’m not as familiar with the Digital Media concentration. My concentration was software engineering. Keep in mind that what is difficult or easy for you will depend significantly on your background and previous experience.

The apartment where we stayed during the 8 week summer semester.

The program I did required 40 credit hours. Each course was 4 hours and cost between $1500 to $2000. Undergraduate courses are much less expensive.

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Thank you for the info Mark. I just want it to ask you a question, how much does each course cost? do they charge per credit or class (master’s)? Thank you again for your time.
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