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He and his wife Judy live in Swampscott, Massachusetts. They have three adult sons.

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Prior to his appointment as Secretary, he served as the Managing Director at NewSchools Venture Fund, a non-profit grant-making firm that seeks to transform public education in high-need urban communities by supporting innovative education entrepreneurs. From 1999 through 2006, Secretary Peyser served as Chairman of the Massachusetts Board of Education. Prior to joining NewSchools, he was Education Advisor to Governors Bill Weld, Jane Swift and Mitt Romney, where he helped shape state policy regarding standards and assessments, school accountability, and charter schools. In 1995, he served as Under Secretary of Education and Special Assistant to the Governor Weld for Charter Schools.

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The Ethiopian African American University (EAAU) is one major historical event and a bright spotlight for the future of Ethiopia and Africa as a whole. The university will play a major role in the development of higher education in Ethiopia once it formally began its operations on the ground and ushers its unlimited potential to meet the cognitive and affective domains in education and in all development related areas.

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The eventual completion of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will be a much-celebrated event in Ethiopian history for two oft-remarked reasons. Soaring 170 meters high, spanning 1,800 meters in width, and capable of generating 6,000 MW, the GERD will be Africa’s largest hydroelectric dam. As such, it is a remarkable feat of modern engineering. Just as the GERD’s colossal dimensions have reshaped the landscape surrounding it, the dam’s construction has upended the customary official rhetoric and politics of the Nile basin. Heretofore, Ethiopia limited itself to assertions of its right to develop the Nile; whereas, Egypt reacted to any minor suggestion of the mere consideration of construction by upper riparian as an existential threat to be met by an apoplectic reply. Construction of the GERD has pushed Egypt to grudgingly acknowledge that dialogue between riparian states is the only way to reach mutually acceptable solutions to competing claims over the Nile

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anc gathering(GIN)—President Jacob Zuma delivered the annual Jan. 8 address marking the birth of the African National Congress movement launched in 1912. Speaking at the Royal Bafokeng Stadium in Rustenburg, he opened with some ANC history:
“We are celebrating that which brings us together as South Africans—the ANC and its undying commitment to this country and its people. The ANC has worked hard to earn its special place in the hearts of South Africans

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MIT offers all the benefits for eligible employees that you’d expect from a large company, such as generous vacation, health insurance, tuition assistance and an award-winning employee recognition program. But there's much more ...

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The Global Alliance for Justice – The Ethiopian Cause (GAJEC) presents its compliments to H.E. Mr. Barack Obama, the President of the United States of America and submits this letter of appeal for consideration.
We are writing to you, Mr. President, on behalf of GAJEC, which is a civic organization committed to research and advocacy related to issues of justice for Ethiopians As you well know, Mr. President, most of the processes of humanity's historical transformation have occurred under domination and oppression of man by man. As the axis of time has pointed towards the present, however, more democratic political arrangements have proliferated, thanks in part to the efforts and goodwill of the US. This has encouraged former oppressors and colonizers to regret and apologize for their inhumanity and cruel misdeeds against their former subjects and victims