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A deep-learning model-based and data-driven hybrid architecture for image annotation.

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The experiment result shows that, the algorithm gives hopeful results.

Key words: Skin Segmentation, Image Processing, MATLAB, color models.



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Introduction to the fundamental concepts of digital signal and image processing as applicable in areas such as multimedia, graphics, AI, data mining, databases, vision, or video games. Topics include image representation, space- and frequency-domain transformations, filters, segmentation, and compression.

Maoyuan, ―Design of Color Image Skin Area Seg-mentationSystem in the Matlab Environment‖, Computer Applications, vol.

Sicsu, Segmentation of images of skin lesions using color and texture information of surfacepigmentation, Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics 16 (3) (1992) 163–177.
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Before we move on, let's dig in a little in the theory. We look at the picture as a set of nodes, where each pixel is node and is connected to its neighbors by edges and has a label - this can be called a . MRFs can be solved, i.e. give an optimal labeling for each node and thus an optimal labeling, in a number of ways, one of which being graph cuts based on . After we label the graph, we expect to get a meaningful segmentation of the image. , by some of the big names in the field (Vexler, Kolmogorov, Agarwala), explains it pretty throughly. There a number of well known segmentation methods that use graph cuts, such as: Lazy Snapping [04], GrabCut [04] and more.

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But, this is not exactly what we wanted... Since we are dealing with segmentation here, we would like to segment certain area. The purpose of the GMM is to learn how that area looks, based on a small set of samples, and then predict the label for all the pixels in the image.

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Here we discuss the various procedures used to obtain the percentage quality of basmati rice grains.

Key words: warping, Image rectification, Image segmentation, Edge Detection, blurring image, Thresholding, Percentage Purity, Pixel area

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The proposed method exhibits many desirable properties of an effective interactive image segmentation algorithm, including robustness to user inputs and different initializations with an efficient and light-weight solution for rendering smooth shadow boundaries that do not reveal the tessellation of the shadowcasting geometry.