Chinese Investment Model in Africa

The Positive Effects of Chinese Investment in Africa

The Negative Effects of Chinese Investment in Africa

This essay will present a more pessimistic view on this whole situation arguing the very dangers and consequences of China’s relationship with Africa....

(2009) "Do Chinese exports Crowd-out African Goods?

Numerous African countries have sent delegates to this training program, by undertaking such projects, China has developed rich training experience and a dedicated training team, thus creating a strong foundation for expanded cooperation in human resource training with developing countries in Africa and beyond.

In 14 African countries, helped construct agricultural technology demonstration centers where local farmers can benefit from china's expertise and technology.

China-Africa Trade Economic Relations in 2009

Djibouti President Ismail Guelleh and Jia Qinglin, a top Chinese advisor.
(GIN)—China has received a green light from the nation of Djibouti to build its first overseas military base in that Horn of Africa nation. The question is: will they get a welcome basket from neighbors France, Japan and the U.S.? All three have military bases there as well. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hong Lei said the new facility will give logistical support to China’s fleet that performs escort duties in the Gulf of Aden and off the Somali coast.
Those escort missions have been ongoing for some years. With “real difficulties in replenishing soldiers and resupplying fuel and food,” China found it necessary to have nearby and efficient logistical support, he said

"The balancing act of China’s African Policy".

Africa UN(GIN)—The present composition of the United Nations is a thorn in the side of some African leaders who question why none of the five permanent members to the Security Council is a black African.
The Security Council is a powerful decision-making body within the house of nations. It is charged with maintaining global peace, admitting members to the UN and approving changes to the agency’s charter.
It has 15 members, but only five are permanent and hold veto powers. They are Russia, China, France, the UK and the USA.

Outlook for China-Africa Trade and Economic Cooperation in 2010

Chinese firms have constructed over forty networks for more than 30 African countries, in addition to establishing national trunk optical fiber communications networks and e-government networks for over 20 African countries.

Major Projects in Financed by China-Africa Development Fund

Numerous high-profile Chinese telecommunications companies, including Huawei technologies, ZTE Corporation and Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai Bell, have entered the African market.

A History of China-Africa Trade and Economic Relations

In 2009, the China-Africa development Fund, Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Corporation, and China-Union Investment Co., Ltd., joined forces to restart the project, the effort, which should give a strong boost to Liberia's economic growth, will include mine development, hydropower station construction, and the restoration of railways and ports.