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cost position, brand power, consumer loyalty, real asset advantage, or government protection

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Dr. Sandra Bauman brings her 20 years of experience in marketing research and consulting to her role as founder and principal of Bauman Research & Consulting, LLC, a woman-owned enterprise. During her career in research, Sandra has designed and managed over 250 studies for corporate and nonprofit clients in the areas of corporate image and brand positioning; employee communications and commitment; strategic marketing; publicity and public affairs; and customer satisfaction and loyalty. She is an expert in quantitative methodologies, including telephone, Internet, and mail surveys, and her analysis skills include multivariate techniques such as segmentation and regression. She is also adept at qualitative research; she is a trained and experienced focus group moderator and facilitator for brainstorming, ideation and strategic planning sessions with executives. Prior to starting her firm, Sandra was Vice President at Wirthlin Worldwide, where she founded and led Wirthlin’s e-Solutions division, focusing on Internet, technology and ebusiness research and consulting.

Perhaps more significant, the model can stimulate companies to take brand loyalty into serious consideration before making business decisions.

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Brand loyalty has long been endorsed by marketing experts as an intangible asset for a company or organization. Conventional wisdom suggests that strong brand loyalty can empower a company to overcome crises, but practitioners often overlook the potential risk of strong loyalty when the nature of the crisis changes. In some cases, strong brand loyalty does not shield a company from crisis, but can instead become a liability because the high expectations of loyal customers were not met.

How long do employees feel a sense of connection to an organisation for? Does it walk out of the door when they do? What's the reality of brand loyalty and advocacy?

As a result, I developed a model for crisis management professionals to quickly evaluate whether to incorporate a brand’s loyalists as defense strategy, or instead to plan for ways to prevent the extra harm that could instead be created by loyalists.

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The New Coke, Komen and Volkswagen crises saw far fewer conditions in the green compared to those in the red. Therefore strong brand loyalty in these cases created a backlash.

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Ultimately, Coke’s strong brand loyalty led to one of the company’s largest PR crises, driven by a fierce reaction from fans who believed Coke was neglecting them.

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Through case studies, in-depth interviews with crisis management experts, and public surveys, my capstone examines the interplay between crisis conditions and the role of strong brand loyalty, and identifies various causes for both helpful and harmful outcomes.

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In this blog, looks at the issue of brand loyalty, and makes a counter-intuitive discovery: Sometimes, very strong brand loyalty can make companies’ crises worse than if they don’t have brand-loyal customers.

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We are fanatics about measuring. We measure every campaign, every lead, every engagement, every conversion - following each customer from a prospect to a full-fledged brand loyalist. We are experts in creating cloud and mobile analytics tools to help enterprises see their marketing and business metrics in real time.

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This model creates a shortcut for communication professionals to quickly evaluate their brand loyalty’s position and the likelihood that loyalty will help or hurt the organization navigate a crisis.