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Our of print and I don't know if Jay's heirs will reprint or not. I hope so! It's a great book.

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Carriage Terminology Don Berkebile One of the most important books for your library. Detailed entries explain the use and appearance of each carriage or wagon with 539 illus. This is the best book for identifying of almost every vehicle. 488 pages, Cloth bound, 8½ X 11" This is out of print - I have only one left.

$39.95 + $12 s/h This book is back print! I have two copies from first printing for $60 each.

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As a division of Advanced Print & Finshing – a full service commercial printer – we’ve got the equipment and capability to produce any book printing project you have. And since we produce everything in-house, you can be sure your book is held to our elevated quality control standards throughout the production process.

The book also includes a section of Sources and Notes and an index (although users may require a magnifying glass because of the small print).

Knights of the Whip Stagecoach Days in Oregon, Gary & Gloria Meier This book is out of print, but I have found a case of new copies. I placed it in this category because it has significant information for people interested in stage coaches, stations, the drivers (whips), Wells Fargo & Co, the road-agents and history of the routes from N. CA to Junction City, OR. approx 6 x 9" 250 pages, soft cover.

Each entry provides information on the title page, contents, binding, dust jacket, printing, and notes for each edition.

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The Language of Towns & Cities is a fine example of the craft of bookmaking. Credit is due to and the Chinese firm that manufactured the book. It is beautifully printed, with heavy coated paper stock that showcases the vibrant, lush photography. The binding is sturdy and lies flat at any page, which many books these days are not made to do.

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Manual of Coaching, Fairman Rogers, Originally published in 1899/1901 as the rule book for all coachmen and now back in print by the Carriage Museum of America. 27 chapters covering the development of the coach, its components, how to drive it, how to execute neat turns, proper turnout and lots more about the vehicle, harness, horses and the coachman. Limited edition, 579 pages, hard cover 6 ¾ x 9 ¾"

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Horse-Drawn Cabs by the Carriage Museum of America. Now in a three-ring binder of historical facts, engineering drawings, construction details and turnouts from the 19th century. This book has the specifications and drawing for the Two-Wheeled Cabs; the Four-Wheel Cabs; Historical Notes and Turnouts. Most of the information comes from the Carriage Monthly and The Hub the two leading trade publications from the 19th century. 300 illustrations, 198 pages.

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Two - Wheeled Vehicles for Equine Carriage Museum of America, taken from the old Carriage Monthly and Hub magazines. An incredible source of info on the carts, sulkies, gigs and other 2 wheel vehicles. Lots of scale drawings and construction info plus historical info. Soft cover. 342 pages.9 X 12". This book is back in print and a must for your library!

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Discovering Horse-Drawn Farm Machinery Shire Classics D. J. Smith This small book is packed full of information on the early Victorian agricultural machinery including the plough, grubbers, cultivators, harrows, rollers, drills, reapers, binders, root lifters, manure spreaders, rakes and other types of implements. 4 ½ x 7" soft cover 96 pages.