The effects of the media on the body image: A Meta-Analysis.

Body image and nutritional status among adolescents and adults.

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It is concluded that type of physical activity may be related to size estimationaccuracy and body satisfaction.

KEYWORDS: Body size; Body image; Eating disturbance

Payne, L.

This cumulates the findings of empirical studies that observe the effects of media on body image.

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Unpublished master's thesis, Universityof Wisconsin, Oshkosh.


KEYWORDS: Body weight; Body image; Obesity

Jordan, J.

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Unpublished master's thesis, California State College, Long Beach.


KEYWORDS: Body image

Mandel, D. (1988).

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Body image changes over the menstrual cycle in normal women.

Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of North Texas.


KEYWORDS: Body image; Self-perception; Puberty


25(2),239.ABSTRACT: (None)KEYWORDS: Body; Body imageCash, T.

Chicago: Society for Visual Education.

ABSTRACT: The presentation was designed to help develop a better understandingof the relationship between size and ability and the importance of a goodself-concept.

KEYWORDS: Body image; Self-perception


Women's body images: Theresults of a national survey in the USA.

Iris Films.

ABSTRACT: A discussion of body image among four women on topics such asshopping for clothes, swimming, and examining their reflections in a fun-housemirror.

KEYWORDS: Body size; Body image; Self-perception

Anonymous. (1981). (Videocassette).

Men and body image: are men satisfiedwith their body weight?

Media on body image articles 'Selfie' body image warning issued. Helen. E study is the first to link time on social media to poor body image. E mass media are known to influence how.

18(1), 48.ABSTRACT: (None)KEYWORDS: Body; Body imageDworkin, S.

Three older people, aged 68,67, and 55 described how they felt about themselves and being older, howthey react and respond to the inevitable changes that accompany aging; sensoryinputs, individuality, and change in appearance.

KEYWORDS: Body image; Aging

Anonymous. (1985).

Subjectscompleted the Draw-a-Person Test and the Body Cathexis Test.

Title on guide: Your ideal silhouette: body proportion analysis;the computer program helps students learn how to accurately measure theirfigures, enter data into the computer, analyze their printouts, and selectclothing styles to compliment their body proportions

KEYWORDS: Ideal body; Clothing and dress

Anonymous. (1993).