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Using correct posture (see ) and keeping your spine in alignment are the most important things you can do for your back. The lower back (lumbar curve) bears most of your weight, so proper alignment of this section can prevent further slippage and injury to your spinal nerves and discs. You may need to make adjustments to your daily standing, sitting, and sleeping habits. You may also need to learn proper ways to lift and bend (see ). You may need to wear a back brace for a short period of time while you strengthen the abdominal and lower back muscles. The brace may decrease muscle spasm and pain as well as help immobilize your spine and help the healing process. Your doctor may refer you to an orthotist who specializes in custom-made braces.

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Hi Heather,
Unfortunately lower back pain can become severe and debilitating and surgery isn’t always that helpful. Tragically many people feel like they have to live with their pain once they have had surgery because nothing else could possibly help. However once a surgical patient has recovered, usually about six months, chiropractic manipulation can still be of benefit to provide some relief of symptoms. Naturally prevention or least treatment of minor ailments is better than trying to contain and control a more serious spinal complaint.

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Hi Mark
I am an extremely fit and active person (I run 5 times a week and regular cyclist) and have never suffered from lower back pain. This morning I was getting ready for work putting on some makeup in the bathroom when I got sudden shooting pain in my lower back.
It is now 5 hours later and I cannot stand up straight without pain. If I’m sitting there is some lower back discomfort, but to stand and walk causes an extremely painful electric-shock like spasm in my lower back.
I have taken some ibuprofen and panadol, but it has gotten worse since this morning.
Should I try to straighten out my spine or stretch it?

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It is forward slippage of the upper vertebral

Hi Florentina,
Medication for pain relief is certainly necessary at times to make it through the day. If you have an injury and medication removes the pain then you have no way of knowing if your activities are aggravating your injury. Pain is your body’s cry for help. It is important to identify and treat the cause of the pain so that the injury can heal properly. Otherwise that pain continues to return and you end up taking medication for months if not years. Most sprain / strain injuries with heal within 6-8 weeks. If you haven’t had any therapy and your pain is still requiring medication one month after your injury then you will need some form of physical therapy to resolve your injury properly. Most injuries will require treatment to achieve maximum healing.

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It is difficult to give advice without a thorough medical history and physical examination however based on your report I would not advise trying to straighten your spine or stretching it. The most likely cause of your pain is either acute inflammation of the facet joints in your lower lumbar spine or you have a disc bulge in your lower lumbar spine. Your pain is not likely to be muscular as it hurts to bend backwards. There are no back muscles that pull when you bend backwards. You are therefore compressing some swelling from an inflammatory process in the lower back and this is causing your “electric-shock like spasm”. You would be best to put some ice on your lower back (for 10minutes at a time, but not directly on your skin) to reduce any inflammation that you can, and get some chiropractic therapy to correct the dysfunction in your lumbar spine. As you have only had the pain since this morning and there is no pain in your legs, your symptoms should resolve quickly if you don’t delay getting treatment.

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Hi, I’ve bought a new bed, it is similar to my previous bed, which had become a bit saggy, in that it has pocketsprings and a pillowtop. I’ve found that when I sleep in it, I woke up with pains in my lower legs and tingling in my lower legs and feet. I also had some lower back pain and discomfort. After two nights of sleeping on the bed I had problems walking and bending. Walking around in the morning did not alleviate the pain, in fact as the day went on, it slowly got worse!. I wentback to using the old bed, and my back slowly improved back to normal, but just tried the new bed again with a mattress topper, as the sales guy reckoned the bed could be too firm and that would help. Unfortunately it hasn’t. One night later and I am feeling some back pain and the tingling and pain in my lower legs is back again. As the day has progressed, the back pain is getting worse. Should I just get rid of the bed and chalk it up to experience, or is there anything else I can do to help? I have stayed in hotels before and in the morning have had a sore hip or shoulder, which I can walk off, but I have never had the leg pains and tingling before.
Thank you