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Both  and distinguished its productive and practical components from more theoretical concerns.

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However, even without fraud, the enormous amount of originalscientific research published, and the pressure to produce new informationrather than reproduce others' work dramatically increases the chance thaterrors will go unnoticed.

The issue is far more complex -- and interesting --than that.

Marx adopted and developed the term in his critique of Hegel and in his of dialectical analysis: of thesis, antithesis and synthesis, (which Marx did not adopt.

Any system of composition which bases itself on precompositional matrices — total serialism, stochastics, information theory — which depend solely on arbitrary rationalizations of rules of the game, cannot achieve a direct and meaningful correspondence to the functions of the central nervous system, for the very reason that whatever music it produces depends for its understanding not on the perceptual functions built into the nervous system but in a post-intellectual comprehension of its externally predetermined rationalizations. In such cases, the ‘ear’ has been bypassed and ignored.

Conjectures and refutations: The growth ofscientific knowledge.

If the yurodivy comparison is a valid one, it seems to mesh with otheraforementioned aspects of Shostakovich’s personal and social role. Even if it is not,Shostakovich still remains an artist member of the new elite with the talent, intelligenceand courage to find what was probably a reasonable compromise between two desires:personal expression as an artist and social correctness as a composer writing thenecessary and proper kind of music.

Fact, law, and theory: Ways of thinking inscience and literature.

Copernicus and Keplerchanged our view of the solar system using observational evidence derivedfrom lengthy and detailed observations frequently contributed by otherscientists, but neither performed experiments.

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Without going into the subject in the same detail as did Volkov, there are certainaspects of this type of behavior which are obvious in Shostakovich, such as his standingup to Stalin personally and his continual bouncing back and forth between producing whatwas praised and what was considered most unacceptable. This kind of relationship hasanother half, and that is the ruler. For it to last, the ruler must accept that it maycontinue. In Stalin’s case, that may be the case. After all, how many others stood up tothe dictator and survived? How many stood up to Stalin at all??

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True experiments involve carefullyorchestrated procedures along with control and test groups usually withthe goal of establishing a cause and effect relationship.


Solomon Volkov, a senior editor of the journal Soviet Music, and the man who helpedShostakovich prepare , discusses the possibility of Shostakovich playingthe role of yurodivy to that of Stalin as tsar. The composer himself mentionsMussorgsky as a composer playing a similar role. Accepting this role would imply a certainacceptance of certain fundamental aspects of the new order, but a criticism of otherparts, and a willingness of the yurodivy to stick his neck out when makingcertain pronouncements on society.