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From the Leipzig Studentensprache of 16.

Category: Tempest essays; Title: Shakespeare's The Tempest - Miranda.

Denn wir haben nicht das Problem, dass das Menschen sind, insofern es ihre Funktion ist beziehungsweise ihre Arbeit ist, die Verbrechen des Systems zu schützen, die Kriminalität des Systems zu verteidigen und zu repräsentieren.

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Die von mir angestellten Betrachtungen zeitigten das Ergebnis, dass die Verhältnisse in Deutschland nur durch eine Beseitigung der augenblicklichen Führung geändert werden könnten.

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Critical estimation of the play rose significantly in the 20thcentury, and it is now widely considered to be one of Shakespeare’s greatest works.The Tempest has been adapted numerous times across the centuries in a variety of mediums, forms and styles,including plays, operas, orchestral compositions, paintings, poems, fiction and films.

Students will be engaged by the play’s mixture of drama, comedy and romance, and its focus on magic and the supernatural. The play examines political and ethical questions relating to ambition, usurpation, authority, power and captivity, while also dealing with family relationships and loyalties and personal dilemmas and struggles. The setting and subject matter of the play reflect the European voyages of discovery that were opening up the known world at that time.

Unlike earlier Shakespearean dramas, The Tempest is unified in time, action and setting.

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Ihm werde ich mich verantworten, und ich weiß, er spricht mich frei.

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Speech was given to conceal thought.

Obviously, this song was partly inspired from System F's "Exhale", andyeah, I admit that Veracocha's "Carte Blanche" is also one of my favouritetrance songs too.

Wolf: Idealism is what precedes experience; cynicism is what follows.

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Nicht ich bin krank, der Staat ist im Wahn.

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Wir sagen, der Typ in Uniform ist ein Schwein, kein Mensch.

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