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As the author of Into the Wild, ..

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But the story is similar to the mythos of Genesis, at its best and perhaps paradoxically its most frightening levels of cognition.

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The Purpose of the Text
The overall purpose for Krakauer to write "Into the Wild" was to accurately and effectively tell the story of Chris McCandless, while also entertaining the reader enough that they continue reading.
The use of evidence such as facts and anecdotes is vital to the story, because the story, although it is also meant to entertain, is meant to inform the reader of true events that occurred.

His first painting in the series shows us the "." Our course continues through different stages of the empire (of civilization) by first taming the savage state, thus creating a "Pastoral State." This is metaphorically synonymous to the conversion of Enkidu in Chapter One of As humans become more fully urbanized, we have Cole's interpretation of the epitome of human culture: Obviously Cole implies the "course" of the Roman Empire or any other empire (such as the British Empire at the height of Imperialism) as the epitome of this kind of consummation.