Water is an essential factor in photosynthesis

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Glossary of Terms: P - Physical Geography

An issue of major concern is the possible effect of the burning of fossil fuels and other contributers to the in the atmosphere. The action of carbon dioxide and other in trapping infrared radiation is called the . It may measurably increase the overall average temperature of the Earth, which could have disastrous consequences. Sometimes the effects of the greenhouse effect are stated in terms of the of the Earth, the overall average reflection coefficient.

Chemistry for Biologists: Photosynthesis

2 small beakers
1 larger beakers (for the cold bath)
Spinach leaves
Hole punch
10 ml of Sodium Bicarbonate Solution
90 ml of Distilled water
Hot plate
Fluorescent lamp (does not give off heat)
2 Thermometers

During our experiment, we found that temperature does indeed affect the rate of photosynthesis and also that the optimum temperature that the plant can photosynthesize was between 20°C to 30°C.

To attempt to quantify the effects of greenhouse gases on the global temperature, climatologists use the "" of the current atmospheric content of these gases.