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Additional research-supported strategies help build depth of vocabulary knowledge and foster word consciousness. Asking students to predict the meanings of words and compare their predictions with other students and the teacher can strengthen learning. Interdisciplinary approaches that blend literacy lessons with science can also support science literacy.

Teaching photosynthesis in a compulsory school context: Students' reasoning, understanding and interactions

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Text cards help students interact with words and their meanings. Teachers can create science text cards by writing statements about science concepts on index cards. Working individually or in small groups, students discuss the statements before sorting. A number of different formats can be used:

Photosynthesis-Infographic-Kids-Discover Infographics for Science and Social Studies for older students Find this Pin and more on Teaching: Photosynthesis by monikakotze.

English language learners have the added burden of trying to learn science in a language they have not yet mastered. The increase of English language learners in schools has spawned research about elementary students and science vocabulary that focuses on ELL students and curriculum. Many teachers mistakenly believe that ELL students must first learn English before learning science and fail to understand cultural influences on learning.